Theme Tuesdays: Non Traditional, Traditional Lowriders: Euro Edition

Remember Euros? Lowriders built on platforms like Honda Predludes, Nissan Sentras, & Ford Escorts? This week's Theme Tuesday is all that and more.

The 2018 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo

Flawless custom trucks, traditional hod rods, LS powered Audis and high horsepower Nissan straight sixes the Motorama 2018 had something for everyone.

Theme Tuesdays: Slammed Trucks Haulin’ Stuff: 3

It's been about two years since the last "Slammed trucks haulin' stuff" Theme Tuesday and...


Project Why Wait: Unboxing Lange’s Shop Firewall Fillers

Not looking to fill the firewall of my 1951 GMC hole by hole I've picked up a set of Lange's Shop bead rolled 1947 - 1954 Chevy/GMC firewall fillers to make the job quick and neat.

Project Why Wait: Get In Where You Fit In

When we last left Project Why Wait I had just manged to recover from an...

Project Why Wait: Be Humble(d)

Hubris is defined as excessive self-pride or self-confidence and I while I'm not sure about...


The Beauty In The Struggle Of Building Cars

Though it is often depicted as such building a car isn't easy. But the beauty in that struggle comes with knowing more at the end than you did when you began.


Here we are, just shy of 365 days from where we began, at the end...

Talented Dipshits: Why Don’t Minitruckers Get The Respect They Deserve?

If you're anywhere within earshot of the minitruck community then you are likely already well...





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