Featured Shop: Seche Media


In an effort  to promote  some  of the hard working business  owners in the GTA car  scene Stance is everything is going to run bi weekly features of fair, reputable, quality shops. This weeks feature is, , a vinyl specialty shop.

is an online operation with a store front in Ottawa. Their online representative on the message boards is Mathieu Leblond who is located in Kingston but periodically commutes to Toronto on weekends.

As a result most of  the goods purchases from are done so through their  online store or through Mathieu directly.  Shipping within  Ontario is free and fast with most  products arriving in less than a week which makes them a great place to consider for that last  minute show addition.

Seche  Media sponsors the  local Mazda 3 message board and as a result has a large selection of products for Mazda 3s. However they are capable of doing products for nearly any application.

All of the products I have received from Seche Media have met or exceeded my expectations and the one time Mathieu forgot to ship my product he sent me two  to make up for it.

The next time you  need some vinyl  work done be sure to consider Seche Media, once I get a design finished I am going with them for StanceIsEverything.com decals.

I’ve included pictures of some of their available products below.

Seche Cailper Decals for almost any application
Seche Cailper Decals for almost any application
They can do custom intricate decals for your wheels
The sell pre cut lamin-x fog overlays.
The sell pre cut lamin-x fog overlays.
They also do Carbon Fiber work, such as eyelids
Hood stripes and roof overlays are no problem
Hood stripes and roof overlays are also no problem


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