Grosirbajuanak Stickers Buyers Guide


Stickers are a great way to show off the fact that you know your stance is bad ass. They also double as a way to cover up dings, scratches and scrapes. Here is a collection of some of the best ones I have found with links to buy them online. Don’t worry no one will notice the scratch you are hiding underneath it.

All of the images link directly to an online purchase page.


The basic idea of no fat chick stickers has been done nearly to death but are still pretty popular.
2.5" Drop fat girls = sad.
Another take on the no fat chicks sticker.
Drinking and driving isn't cool, but this sticker is.
Although this could be a shout out to the show hosted by Vida its actually another sticker from ShinzoWerks
I love this one because it is so true.
Version one of a low ground clearance sticker
Version two of a low ground clearance sticker
Speed bumps are such a pain in the ass that this sticker comes in two versions.
This is version two.
Fuckin Tuckin!


Low riders can't get it up.
Lift it..... Fat chicks can't jump.


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