Featured Photographer: Kristoff


Once again Grosirbajuanak is bringing you the work of Local GTA photographers. This week we are showcasing the photography of local JDMrides member Kristoff aka INdPixma.

At just 17 years old Kristoff shows great promise as an automotive photographer as he has a strong passion for cars with dialed stance set ups and a great interest in photography. He is also not afraid to rack up some kms going out to local events. His work is a perfect fit for Grosirbajuanak and we are proud to showcase it.

Great action shot here from the CSCS opener the color/bw contrast is amazing
An Ek runs from a DA right into Kristoffs Lens
That e46 looks hungry
Getting low for a low RSX
You would never guess it was not the nicest day based on this shot
Team Recession at the 2nd JDMrides.ca meet
Kristoff did a great job of catching the three very different colors of these vehicles
The build quality of this el clipped bubble really shows through in these shots
The build quality of this el clipped bubble really shows through in these shots
Still think Miatas are girls cars?
Kristoff has respect for the classics
Kristoff promises a full shoot of this car soon and hopefully he will share it here on Grosirbajuanak

Thanks to Kristoff for being a Featured Photographer on Grosirbajuanak.

If you want to be a featured photographer on Grosirbajuanak me at


  1. man these photos are dank. i love the contrast via the lighting on the cars. especially the 3 diff colours and the gold one under them. respek

  2. WOW, Kristoff i said i wouldnt comment but i cant help it im so proud of you and your pics are getting so good they look so professional. I cant wait to see more of your work getting noticed keep it up i no you will…. 😀


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