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I started working on the feature for my old truck this morning (yay?) but I realized that I have out my license plates in most of them because I am super paranoid like that and I couldn’t get them all done before work today, so ya it’s not up. However I figured this would be a good time to big up one of my favorite automotive blogs:

I know it seems somewhat counterproductive to shout out another blog but I really respect what Joe has going on over at and his blog is one of the main reason this blog exists. He noticed an niche that needed some exposure in the blog world (Hondas and Acuras) and set forth to represent for them and his scene without the bullshit. Which is the heart of what is going on here as well.

I check daily and coming from the average BMW owner mentality I was never really a Honda guy but thanks to cars like this, , and blogs like I have come to respect them.

If you like well written blogs that really capture what the car tuning culture should be about then head over and take a look at The Chronicles just be sure to come back to when you are done because I’m working my way up to big things as well.

Joe recently did a feature on this car for the Sept 9th Issue of Honda Tuning
There is also a nice photoshoot of this crazy built NSX
This post was the source of my desktop background here at work
This post was the source of my desktop background here at work


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