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Civic EK + BBS RM = Good


While not new to the scene by any means I like this car, and and I like the trend of putting low offset wheels on clean civics.

May the ‘Fast and the Furious’ style of civic Modding rest in peace.

Next to no body mods, just clean paint, clean stance, clean wheels
The gold LCA's are a nice toUCH


  1. KSold
    Agreed on loving where this look is going. Seems like the Honda's made the move to clean/poking euro styles, and the good ol' F&F Honda boys moved over to the Subaru crowd!
  2. scar_city_7thgen
    i was always into that oem style look, no dumbass bodykit, just lip kits and nice drops with clean shoes makes a civic just look so proper.
  3. Shifty
    It's funny when you see people rolling around with kits these days thinkin its 99, people like this put them to shame
  4. scar_city_7thgen
    ^ so true, what kills it, is with the body aftermarket chrome housing tailights haha, Fugly as hell
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