The store is now live!


With the introduction of a new batch of stickers, combined with the demand of the old ones, I felt the need to open up a simple to help me keep on top of sending out orders.

The latest batch of designs is a fairly limited initial trial run but once they sell out I will restock at higher numbers with a variety of colors.

So without further adieu here are the five products currently carried in store.

All of the stickers are die cut on automotive quality vinyl.

Original URL Stickers

The stickers that started it all: These stickers are currently available in: Pink, White, Green, Gold, Black and Gunmetal and currently stock for each color is at least four units.

Available for $2 a piece at the Grosirbajuanak Store


Cone Hunters

Currently in a limited all white run of 5 units these ‘Cone Hunter’ stickers are mainly for the track/autocross crowd, but also for those who like to abduct construction and movie set cones.

Available for $4 each at the Grosirbajuanak store (6"x2")


Did I Do that

Urkel was kind of annoying but so is knocking over cones and having to pick them up. This idea came to me in the shower so hopefully it’s as funny to you as it is to me.

Also currently in a limited run of 5 white units.

Available for $4 at the Grosirbajuanak store


URL Stickers 2.0

The second of possibly many revisions of the basic URL sticker, currently 2 pink and 3 white are available so act fast!

Available for $6 at the Grosirbajuanak Store


I like em dropped

This sticker basically sells itself. Once again 2 pink 3 white currently available more stock coming soon.

I Like em dropped sticker - Now available at the Grosirbajuanak Store for $6 each


Head over to the store and grab your stickers, and don’t worry you are not funding a turbo build or anything on my part, the cost of the stickers goes right back into making and shipping more stickers.

Thanks for the support everyone and if there is a color you would like to see next batch let me know via the comments!


  1. Run me a little tank top and I’ll pimp your site for ya. 😉

    You are so making me want to do little things like this myself! =0 But big congrats on your store! Would have said it sooner if I had the interwebs at the Beach ha.

  2. sweet dave i wanna grab some of these forsure the rolla needs some stickers and shirts do sound like a good idea


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