WTF Friday: Skynoma?


Being a member of I am not really sure how I missed but I did.

I had no idea this even happened until I saw a video clip on my friend Jesse’s and my interest was peaked.

A bagged s10 with a 300zx rear and and an rb25det? Yes please.

RB25det in between the s10 fenders
The 300zx rear
Shot of the rear bag set up as well as 300zx IRS
Shot of the Skynoma laid out, it takes a bit to get used to IRS on an s10
Lots of camber back there
After a tree fell on it he took the time to do some body work first being a vented hood

This is all worthless without video right? Here you go 🙂

Site Updates

The end of season is quickly approaching but it’s not dead yet so this weekend I will be at the CSCS Finale.

I should also be receiving a restock of the white and pink ‘‘ stickers at CSCS as well, so those of you who have been waiting for those to come back they should be in the store Monday.

I will also be working on my garage with my dad this weekend so I’ll have a garage build update as well, which is something I have been looking forward to posting for awhile.

Flashback Friday

Going to take it back the Race Stance Theme Tuesday today.

Every time I have tried to capture flames I have failed 🙁

How about a follow up to this? Hmm…


  1. Saab 99! Possibly one of my favorite cars of all time!… craigslist I go! I believe this is actually a DTM car..


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