Betcha can’t have just one


Don’t you hate when you come across one image of a car and can’t find anymore? Because that’s the case with this e30 on Work Emotions ().

No matter how much I search I keep coming across the same old ass picture. Maybe it’s just me and perhaps I suck at using Google but I need more!

To the guys at do this again and take more pictures please, for the sake of the internet!

So good
Here is a picture of the same car on Hartge's just because.



  1. I’m sure has more pics of his car with the Work wheels on!

    He says that they actually ARE Work CR Kai wheels.

    The dimensions are 8,5 & 9,5×18 ET32 w/ 20mm PCD Adapters (4/100).
    Tires are 215/35-18 und 255/30-18 Conti SC2.


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