Winter Wednesdays: Winter Saftey


Last night I attended a Winter Driving event at put on by . The overall mission of the seminar was how to be prepared for winter driving, in short get winter tires, have a snow brush, top up your fluids, and brake early.

While I knew these things already it’s great to see that Canadian Tire is trying to educate more people so the chances of getting wrecked in the winter is much less. As a bonus we all got some free laps on the track at GPK, along with some other schwag.

Being the only auto-blogger in the house it was mandatory I podium-ed. I held it down at second place, and I will get first next time I swear.

For this weeks Winter Wednesday here is a Porsche getting busy in the snow, completely safe of course.

I would love to take a Porsche out to the mountain to snowboard
But by the looks of it I wouldn't make it out to the hill...

Snow skipped Mississauga somehow but everyone else got dumped on ha.



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