Winter Wednesdays: Lupo


Winter is starting to get a little tiresome. At the end of last week we were teased with fairly mild weather but at a cost because it was just incredibly windy for two days straight. Then just as a remind that spring doesn’t start ‘officially’ until March 21st we got a decent amount of snow on Sunday night and the weather has turned back to double digits below zero.

I guess looking on the bright side we all have at least 1 month left (unless you are in or sunnier climates) to get all of our ducks in a row for the 2011 season.

Winter sticking around also means I can keep posting low cars in the snow like this Lupo on Schmidt TH lines.

Some of the smallest TH lines I have ever seen, still dope though
Real winter car lurking out back looks like


  1. I would think so Will…those things are tiny and if i remember correctly, the brakes are too. Still cool though 😛

  2. it has 4 discs. It’s a GTi model. The wheels look extra tiny on that pic. Looks better here but the pic is older and car doesn’t sit as low as it does on these winter pics:


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