Vinyl Restock/Affiliate Store


On Friday a  fresh batch of stickers arrived from and as of today  has been updated to reflect the new inventory.

With this restock I would also like to formally announce the new .

This affiliate store on means that going forward if something is currently out of stock in the it can be ordered directly from the manufacturer, .

This partnership also makes it much easier to provide custom one off color combinations.

Take a look at some of the existing stock below on cars around the world!

Mat and have been long time supporters of the site so I am very pleased to annouce this next level of our partnership.

As always thanks for the support!

Note: Currently the only two places to get Grosirbajuanak stickers online is from the above sources, if you ever see them anywhere else online .


  1. Thank you Dave!

    You should also mention that Grosirbajuanak gets a percentage of the sales on the Seche Media website when clicking from the banner link on the top right of your site 🙂


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