WTF Friday: A Mechanic’s Dream


Spotted this ‘awesome’ project for sale in one of my favourite .

Though the buyer calls it a mechanic’s dream I think most of you will agree that it’s more akin to a nightmare.

The air ride system (particularly in the front) leaks to the point where the vehicle is rendered helpless and the ‘management’ is made up of re-purposed shop equipment powered by extra batteries and an inverter.




Who knows what kind of horrors lay beneath that paint and since there’s no mention of poppers I am going to assume getting in and out might be a little challenging.

On the bright side the car is priced fairly cheap at $1500 and if you happen to have a set of 28s or 30s keeping the corner of your house up .

…the craigslist app should come with photography instructions….

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  1. It isn’t really too bad of you sink 5-7 grand into it. Complete new suspension system, redo the body properly. It’d be decent.


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