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Event Coverage: Northern Showdown


If there’s one universal truth that has emerged from my personal experience attending countless automotive events it is that truck shows have never once let me down.

A lot of the childish nonsense, trophy hunting, elitism, and other miscellaneous drama that plagues other scenes seems to be completely absent at these events which vehicles aside makes the vibe pretty awesome.

From a vehicular standpoint truck guys typically welcome anything low so the diversity is unmatched, and since the majority of the field is built not bought they are a great place to take in some great, creative, fabrication.

The organizers of Northern Showdown first alerted me to the show back in July at Eurokracy and having already missed Vanfest and been tied up for The Cruise to the Quarry I knew I had to do my best to keep this weekend open if I wanted to get my fill of low trucks for the year. As always there were a few competing interests for this date but Gabe from was insistent that I make out it.

The French videographer proved wise indeed because had I missed this show I would have regretted it.

Fabrication, Creativity, Originality

The amount of raw talent within the truck scene never ceases to amaze me. As someone who hopes to build something that requires some fabrication one day it’s really encouraging to see what people are able to do in their own garage alongside shop builds.

Awards should never be the reason to attend an event, but it is always nice when a show goes the extra mile to gather up some nice ones
The interior award at Northern Showdown was perhaps one of the coolest trophies I had ever seen
Matt Moran () did a wicked job on the best suspension trophy
Kind of regret not taking a second look at the rear of this s10, looks like there’s an IRS back there

I actually think this might have been the first time I’ve seen Chris Grantham’s ‘Dool-Eh’ in person, should be pretty crazy once it is done

I’m not a PBR drinker myself but the owner of this truck clearly is, the PBR Severed Ties sticker is a nice touch that I actually didn’t notice until I was at home editing the photos

This Ranger GT (which might be the last surviving one locally) was awesome, killer suspension set-up and a really cool dash swap

Got so wrapped up in the details of this Colorado I forgot to take a picture of the exterior! Thankfully I’ve got one here for those of you
One of the craziest vehicles at the show was this bagged and bodied H3
Recently finished by this truck is pretty outstanding. Full interior, heat, and work AC as well

Domestic Trucks

These two trucks have been in the scene forever, good on both owners for keeping them up all these years
I used to draw tons of paint jobs like this in high school, now they are a pretty rare sight
Of course if something more simple is what tickles your fancy it’s hard to dislike this satin black Chevy
The paint accents on this s10 are so subtle yet effective, probably why I like them so much
Jeff brought his GMC out to the show and parked it among friends
F150 laid out with Second Glance
The complete Second Glance lineup
Todd’s Silverado just went away for the 2014 season
Being a unibody truck the frame for this was built completely from the underside… my arms ache thinking about it

Import Trucks

Though I would have absolutely no problems looking at Chevy and Ford trucks all day it’s always cool to see some import trucks at an event like this.

Equally opportunity low.

Try as I might I wasn’t able to identify those 1″ BMX forks, perhaps before my time
Mitsu and Mazda stare down at the front of the venue
This Nissan 720 was incredible. Awesome color combination and super clean. All the way from Mississippi too
This Mazda has once again changed hands, for a truck that’s had a variety of owners it is still in great shape

Picture perfect Isuzu that’s part of Relaxed Atmosphere


With classics ranging from patina’d to painted Northern Showdown had a little bit for everyone.

trusty Ford did the Markham to Kitchener haul
Beside it was this Impala living up to its custom plate
This was LOUD

I think I might have figured out what shell to put on my nitro car…

I’m in love with this Impala now that it is one wires, looked good but these looks perfect

Caught up with the Ford Monterey from Reunited again, another great looking car
Posted about this truck last year and I finally got to see it in person. Didn’t let me down great build on a unique chassis
I’ve become quite fond of ’57s and Mike’s was stunning
It’s actually up for sale right now so he can move on to the next project
This ’53 Ford Panel took home best of show
This build is 10 years old and goes to show that if you do it right once you never have to do it again


The Nine O Five Rides limbo pole has seen a lot of use this year!

Chris Grantham’s ‘Wedding Crasher’ had no problems making it through a few rounds
This Mazda looks to be about tucking lug up front
This Accord coupe was incredibly clean, super quick air set-up too
Never seen a motorcycle go under a limbo bar before, first time for everything it would seem
Throwback to the days when Supra tails made their way onto everything

Now With More Doors

Finally got to check out this International in person since it has become an extended cab, I’ve seen it on the highway going the opposite direction once or twice but not parked since Scrape By The Lake five years ago.

This truck just looks too damn good on the ground

If this was yours what would you tow with it?

There’s more of coverage from this show up on in-case you missed it!

I’ll for sure be back at this show next year.



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