Theme Tuesdays: SSR Longchamps


It’s time for another wheel appreciation Theme Tuesday. This time I’ve thumbed through the classic Japanese wheel catalog and landed on the timeless SSR Longchamp wheel. The Long champ came in a few different variations but each has proven to be equally versatile.

Long (pun intended) out of production if you want a Longchamp wheel you are going to have to do some searching. They are not the rarest of the rare (like say Defin fins), but if you like a good deal perhaps look for something else. Also I think they topped out at 17 inches so if you’re looking for something bigger you might be out of luck.


Longchamps are a great wheel for basically any classic Japanese vehicle
It took me awhile to find a truck sitting on Longchamps but this will do, oh yes this will do
A ’69 Datsun on Longchamps via  photography by
Datsuns do take particularly well to Longchamps
Or is it that Longchamps take well to Datsuns? Via
How about a 510 to round things out. via
This CRX is one one of the subtle Longchamp variations I menitoned in the intro, I believe refinished this set
This is one of the best Longchamp applications I have seen locally
The Holset turbo suits this car pretty well too… and posting the car without the engine bay is sacrilege
has a really awesome looking 240 I somehow just
How about a Lada Samara hammered on Longchamps? 
To close things out here’s an Impala on what look like they might just be SSR Longchamps. It is pretty fan boy to say but I really love how Japan does American Metal! – via

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