Theme Tuesdays: Door Art


I am going to admit that this week’s Theme Tuesday is largely self-serving because door art is something Project Why Wait is most certainly going to have when it’s complete.

Thinking about it now is a few steps ahead, but a little inspiration and forethought never hurt anyone.

You are all of course welcome to pull some inspiration from this post as well for your own project.

Sharing is caring right?

This is hands down one of my favorite examples of door art
If I recall correctly this art is a tribute to the builder’s late mother as well which only makes it more respectable
I’m taking a lot of styling cues from this truck, so it only makes sense to include it
I apologize for not having a closer shot of this art, but I included it because of the unique off-color door that just seems to work
Love the detail work on this piece, if anyone knows the artist do let me know
The entire war plane influence is so well done on TJ Lavin’s shoebox
Sic Ryde does his door art a little differently. The giant doors of dually help, and it works as great brand advertisement
The Instigator comes up in every paint related post I do and how could it not?
The ELTA summer Bash and Big Go drags had lots of door art to consider
In today’s over sensative world having this on your door is a bold move,  looks killer though
I loved the extra depth in the lettering on this car. Something to consider…
I spotted this car at a local cruise night, this could fall under door numbering, but I think the Born To Run text and the illusion of ellipses makes it a good candidate for this post
A bit of humor in door art never hurt anyone then eh? –
I like colors in this one. I could see various blues and white working on my truck quite well –

This is a quick list of course so you can expect subsequent posts to come down the road.

If you’ve got some awesome door art feel free to share!


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