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WTF Friday: 4G63 Chevrolet Beretta


For this week’s WTF Friday I want you to read the title, and then read it once more. No there are not any typos in that title someone actually did put a 4GC3 (aka Mitsubishi Eclipse or Eagle Talon depending on your locale) into a Chevrolet Beretta.

The Beretta was a weird car, kind of like the Cavalier/Sunfires bigger brother whose glory days are long since passed, but every once and awhile still does something kind of neat.

Berettas are also a car I have not seen on the road in a long time, nor have I heard anyone really mention them. That’s what made me chuckle when I saw one come up on Kijiji.

But then I saw the inter-cooler piping and my interest was piqued.

There were a number of weird turbo cars in that era (mostly Mopars) but the Beretta was certainly not one of them. Intrigued I clicked through the gallery and saw the photo below.

Wait, what? I must admit at this point I was surprised and a little annoyed. Surprised by the swap, annoyed by how nonchalantly the owner mentioned it and how few pictures there were in the for sale ad. Was I being tricked? I needed to know more.

Enter, once again and for the second week in a row, Car Domain.

There I found photos of the car in its previous guise. Early 2000s by the looks of things, dead in the middle of The Fast and The Furious era.

Vinyl overload aside the Car Domain page did reveal a better shot of the engine bay.

Such a weird combination and yet, it looks to be done pretty well. It’s no shaved bay or anything but that can be overlooked considering its a turbo Mitsubishi motor in what was a naturally aspirated Chevrolet.

There was even a dyno sheet on the CD page. Considering that many swapped cars at shows today barley putt on and off trailers having a dyno sheet speaks volumes of the builders follow through.

After eleven years of storage the owner is now ready to let the car go for A bit of updating and this car could be a unique, yet very bizarre sleeper.

I genuinely mean it when I say I hope it goes to a good home.

Theme Tuesdays: BMW E21s


I was an e30 kid and I suppose still am to some degree. As an e30 kid I didn’t really pay much mind to its predecessor, the e21, until I was older, wiser, more open minded, and coincidentally no longer an e30 owner.

Today, I actually don’t mind the e21, in fact I wish I saw more of them. Sadly they are not the most common things around here. At any rate it is due time they got some focused love here on Grosirbajuanak and that’s what this Theme Tuesday aims to do.

Let us start local with a car I last saw at Fitted Lifestyle in 2015
Manolo Velasco has a way with air ride, BMWS, and BBS wheels
Rember the days when sites that ended in ‘.de’ had the coolest cars? Before Google Translate? I feel like this car came from one of those sites
On that note, there will be a lot of BBS wheels in this post
A bit of stop and stare witha heck of a lot of rear tuck
did this e21 for a female owner
Females seem to have a way with e28s as this one is also female owned – Photo:

Becky’s E28 was quite popular a few years ago thanks to this video:

This one is pretty cool as well, though far less cinimatic

Lots of BBS wheels, like I said, they just work on these cars. It helps in this instance they are under an extremely clean Alpina model
This one is apparently on hydraulics though I couldn’t find any photos of the set up – Photo:
How about a wide body e21?
This time capsule is powered by a 1990 525i motor, the . Hopefully someone kept this one around
5.8L Chevy powered Pro Street e21, pretty damn wild
Certainly a lot of blue but, pretty rad. A more robust feature on the car is here on
A great looking Alpina, with what look to be molded flares and of course M colors
M colors also appear here, on an e21 that is a little a typical
I actually really, really, want to go to a tractor pull so I am all about this – Photo:
campaigns this car in the Netherlands
Carline wheels look good under pretty well everything
M50 swaps are fairly common for e30s, but I’m not so sure if the same can be said for e21s, the
It’s always cool to see people take inspiration from the Porsche RS and twist it a bit
This car also has sports an S50, so it should go pretty well. – Via:

No European car based Theme Tuesday is quite complete without a 2JZ swapped drift machine is it?

I’d just like to close this out by saying yes, I am one of those weirdos that actually don’t find square headlight conversions in early 3 series revolting, especially when its a car fitted with an e30 m3 s14 motor -Photo:

WTF Friday: Charging Into The Future


Minitruckers love swapping front ends, that’s not news, but I did recently find a front end graft that is new to me; a first generation S10 with a sixth generation Charger front end grafted to it.

Like every font end swap the look certainly isn’t for everyone, but, the work does look to be done fairly well, at least judging from the available photos.

Not the effort of a shop, but rather an ambitious do it yourself enthusiast, this truck is (all things considered) a great effort at something few would attempt.

Besides both being automobiles the s10 and the Charger don’t share a lot in common so combining the two is no small feat and it’s not exactly like you can buy the conversion at your local Napa.

The hood is, according to the owner, 11 pieces merge into one and judging from the difference between the gaps in the photo above and the final product, I am going to assume more than few man hours were spent getting the gaps dialed in.

Out back a Cadillac SRX donates its tales and, typical s10 its bagged and bodied sitting on chrome.

Sadly the owners  –yes Cardomain is still up– page doesn’t have much in the way of completed photos so the postage stamp up top is all we get.

The Printed Form: The Jalopy Journal


It’s no secret that I am currently more immersed hot rod culture than I was when I started this website. I’ve always enjoyed hot rods but recently (the past two years especially) I’ve been embedding myself in the local hot rod community more than ever before.

The builds and the welcoming personality of hot rodders as a whole drew me in. In short order I’ve started to become a familiar face at shows, cruise ins, events, and parties.

My wife, who always preferred the classic and hot rod community to any other, is a fan of this mind shift and last Christmas she gifted me with a signed copy of The Jalopy Journal volume two.

In the first Printed Form post I mentioned that physical releases are becoming a bit of a rarity among the automotive landscape, so people who do take the time to release a physical deserve their props.

When it comes to additions to every households automotive library you can’t go wrong with The Jalopy Journal. From a purely tangible perspective the book is a cut above. It is professionally bound, each page is numbered and watermarked, and it even has a handy red tassel book mark.

Even if the content was sub par this book would look great just sitting on a coffee table.

Thankfully, the work inside is on par with its physical presentation. A collection of stories told from a variety of perspectives (builders, journalists, racers and friends) The Jalopy Journal is an excellent example of automotive story telling through both words and pictures.

I read the book quickly, over a few days before I went to bed, and I actually had to stop myself from going through the entire book in one go bed time be damned.

I found the tales of Hot rod enthusiasts who irked, challenged, and generally annoyed “the man” quite amusing because a lot of these same things happen still today. The adage ‘the more things change the more they stay the same’ rings true here.

However I also found the stories of people who grew up track side particularly interesting, especially one about a now adult who spent his formative years at the track with a camera stuck to his face.

His tales about how other racers took him under their wing and showed him around capture the heart of motor sport.

In addition to tales about the people, there are also stories about the cars that went far and beyond your average car feature.

The way they were written really makes me want to take an entirely different approach to my own next car spotlight.

As I try to make further headway as an automotive journalist books like this also serve as inspiration, and I know for a fact reading this book a few times will make me a better writer overall.

The photo collections published throughout the book were equally inspiring. I can’t say I ever considered portrait photography before but this book made me think I could, especially if I could find people as interesting as those above.

I highly recommend this book, and unlike the first book I featured in this series this book is still available at the

I really hope they are working on a third edition because I’d love to own it!

Theme Tuesdays: Tandem Axles


Let’s be honest, this Theme Tuesday was a long time coming, considering my affinity for OG styled minitrucks, bed dancers, classic low riders and vehicles of that nature. The most recent WTF Friday featuring a pick up converted, tandem axle, Corolla wagon really made me ponder these eccentric and unique builds.

The amount of work put into tandems is staggering, and certainly not for the faint of heart. Going this distance is a true point of no return because adding even a non powered second axle requires significant body and chassis modifications.

And yet they were still pretty popular, I wonder if anyone is building one in 2017?

“Pure Insanity” is basically the combination of classic lowrider, og minitruck and tandem axle all in one
proved an invaluable resource for sourcing many of the images for today’s post
Is there anything that hasn’t been done to the B2200? Drag, minitruck, drift truck, I wonder if a time attack B22 exists out there?
Where tandems go to die…
In high school a fellow student had a bagged Ranger of this generation, it was single axle and all in primer but honestly one of maybe five modified first gens I have ever seen
I feel like most venues would be in real trouble if a bunch of Tandems showed up
I’m impressed that this trailer can hold two tandems comfortably. Must be the third axle on the trailer
Two axles too common? Go triple.
I know that one of you reading this will be able to quickly produce a video of this truck, so I’ll just wait….

Is it bad that I am actually most curious about those rear wheels? Imagine all four of those under an otherwise stock body C10?
Speaking about C10s how about this? The one large fender is an interesting touch
I always though there was potential here… as crazy as that is to type out…. maybe not with the hood
While many of the trucks posted today have the extra axle just along for the ride, the axle on this truck is in fact powered
A detailed run down of all the work done can be found here on
It would appear I actually saw this car in person my first visit to SEMA….
More vintage lowrider/minitruck goodness
This truck has the unique distinction of being the only tandem axle truck I’ve seen in person more than once – Photo:
Of course when I saw it it had been completely reworked and debuted as the “Six Shooter”
One of the things I remember most about the 2012 SEMA was seeing this truck leave under it’s own power. Not something that can be said for many other SEMA vehicles.
I am going to end with this truck because it is the most straight forward of all of the ones posted and where the tandem craze could be reborn if it were to be reborn

I think after this week’s Theme Tuesday I might try and do something traditional next week, but no guarantees, I am really having fun with this off the wall stuff!

Theme Tuesdays: You Made A Hot Rod Out Of What?


I have to thank KaleB for the inspiration this week. He suggested a Theme Tuesday on ‘vehicles that should never be hot rods but people made them into hot rods anyway’.

The more I thought about the idea, the better it seemed. Usually I’ve posted these kinds of vehicles one at a time, shoe-horned into WTF Friday posts, but why not a Theme Tuesday?

I’m going to play the definition of “hot rod” pretty fast and loose with this one. So if you’ve arrived here from a link hell bend on defending the sanctity of the title hot rod don’t worry, I do very much appreciate true traditional hot rods as see here in my Jalopy Jam Up coverage.

Start things off local with this semi truck ‘hot rod’. Anyone recognize the Cab?
This old war Ambulance had no idea what it was going to be turned into
This is the car that triggered Kaleb’s idea for this entire Porsche the second most recent Porsche hot rod
That project was followed up by this one. I wonder what the next Porsche based hot rod will look like?
Does anyone know if this BMW 2002 project was ever finished? – Photo:
The best I could find was a start-up video below – Photo:

I actually really like this, it’s so ridiculous that it has crossed into he realm of amazing
It was probably a ho hum v6 model to start so what’s the harm right?
Now this I could see more people being upset about
A ’64 or so cut up into a Hot Rod, you just know that has ruffled a few feathers
I opted not to include this in the most recent Volvo based Theme Tuesday, but I couldn’t leave it out of this one
I know it is not built out of a real Volvo, but it uses a lot of Volvo components and is just too damn attractive to overlook twice
The 2CV is a quirky looking French car that takes surprisingly well to minimalist modification such as this
The start to look almost Beetle like the lower they get
This Crosley still cracks me up
I wonder if it ever managed to sell? And if it did I wonder if it was ever raced?
I can’t imagine how large this vehicle actually is in person. It looks massive
This tri axle 2 stroke rod was built out of a
How about a Suzuki Samurai Hot Rod? For those of you who love build threads it’s here on
When photos of this Miata surface online I thought “only Japan would do something as crazy as that” – Photo:
Then later a similar, but different, Miata showed up in the United States

Going to end this off with a curious Volkswagen based hot rod that was rolling around in 2011.

Did I forget a few? If so let me know! Also if you want more be sure to check out my very similar, but different, Non Typical Hot Rod Theme Tuesday from 2014.

If you’re wondering where all the Volksrods are, they are here.

Event Coverage: The 2017 Niagara Truck & Tuner Expo


You have to feel for event organizers. Putting on any type of event is no easy task. After you’ve selected a venue, picked a date (that you hope no one books over) and promoted the show as best you can, you are still left contesting with something completely out of your control. The weather.

Every year the Niagara Truck And Tuner Expo ends up going toe to toe with mother nature. This has to be more than a little frustrating, but entire event staff takes it in stride and has, consistently put on a great rain or shine event.

If you’re looking at the photos above, not a dark cloud in sight, and wondering what I’m on about allow me to paint a picture.

When I woke up morning of the show it was raining. Not spitting, but black cloud sappy movie rain on the window type stuff. When I told my son we were going to a car show today all he said in response was “Daddy, rain” while pointing a toddler finger at the window.

Quickly heading to the they said the main system would pass by 11am, which was well after I would arrive. So, foolishly if you ask my wife, I saddled up and made the drive hoping for clearer skies than when I departed.

The TNT Expo is a charity event after all so it’s worth supporting even if I’d need a snorkel.

Ultimately I’m glad I took the leap of faith because on my way there the clouds did part and the sun came through resulting in a great day at Fireman’s park.

It’s been a few years since I have been able to attend TNT expo personally and I’m glad to see that it is exactly as I remembered, a varied mix of cars and trucks of all styles.

Trends have certainly changed over the years and it’s always nice to go to an event where you can see a little of everything. The Del Sol and CSRX above represent a time when doors swung up, wheels were straight(er), kits were molded and stickers went down the fender rather than the rear window.

If you’re on the younger side maybe you missed this phase but I remember it vividly.

It seems like just yesterday one of my good friends was cruising around in a ZC swapped CRX on Rota Slipstreams —— with a BMX bike in the hatch.

Also throwing back to my time in high school was this Pontiac Firefly, a car that I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve seen any of since high school. If I’m not mistaken these cars came in a 1L turbo variant, though I’m not sure if this is one of those models.

People have often told me to check out the Cavalier above at shows, and I’ve always managed to pass it like a ship in the night, only remembering I should have looked at it on my way home from whatever venue it was at.

This time I took a look and I can see why people suggested I take a gander.

Surrounded by custom carbon fiber work, done by the owner, is an LS4 motor the far less commonly seen 5.3 LS V8 variant that only came in FWD configuration.

This is probably the most interesting, and impressive, Cavalier motor swap I’ve seen since the famous Northstar V8 swapped car of nearly a decade ago.

Keeping the obscurity up, here’s one of two turbo KLZE Ford Probes in Ontario.

While Erik was at the show, his car wasn’t giving this car the distinction of standing alone.

Completely out of left field was this right hand drive, M sport, diesel e36 touring. This is rare stuff in Ontario, heck in all of Canada, as these were never sold here and very few people have bothered to import the diesel.

Tourings are many people’s dream car so it was pretty wicked to see this one done tastefully with OEM modifications.

The loud exhaust contest at TNT Expo is always a crowd pleaser and that’s when a few American vehicles like this Dodge Dakota R/T made their way from their parking spots and towards where the competition was held.

This Dodge Dart may have won the loudest exhaust competition as it sounded very, very, healthy hitting limiter. I wasn’t able to take in the entire loudest exhaust competition because it was at this point my son Ash spotted the RC drifting in the pavilion.

The second he (wearing the hat above) saw the cars I knew it would be a challenge getting him away from the R/Cs but to be honest I didn’t mind. It’s great of TNT and the scale drifting community to put this little set up together for the children.

The kids obviously enjoy the whole thing, and as someone with a few older remote controlled cars tucked away I don’t mind watching for a few minutes either.

It also gave me a chance to try scaling down some of my 1:1 scale drifting techniques. I think shooting R/C cars might actually be more difficult than their full sized counterparts.

As Ash was watching the drifting I took a few steps away and snapped photos of a few of the vehicles near by the pavilion. The gold VIP Modular wheels on the car above made it an easy subject for a few photos.

Gold wheels have become increasingly popular in the past few years, as this EL wore them as well.

More gold here, albeit of the rose tinged variety.

Not to be outdone in the ‘bling’ department this Subaru had some heavy flake in its paint that shone bright in the sun over the widebody fenders.

This car was part of a large showing of Nokturnal Car Club vehicles that made their way over the border from neighboring Buffalo.

The Subaru showing at TNT was pretty decent, with this wrx and trailer combo turning quite a few heads. The matching wheels on both the car and trailer are a nice touch.

The color scheme also followed through to the Rukus that the owner later pulled off the trailer to join the limbo contest.

The limbo contest, as usual, was eventually dominated by Mazda Miata. These cars can hold their own even at stock height.

It’s always funny seeing the lengths people are wiling to go to get their cars under the bar.

Trust me when I say this, at this point in the day it was far too hot to have that many people in the back of an Integra.

It might not have won the limbo contest but this 9th gen Accord is absolutely hammered. Static it’s by some sort of miracle that the quarters and fenders are still relatively intact.

On the topic of static cars and lack of ground clearance Shannon managed to beach her freshly wrapped car later that day. This car, the last time I saw it, was covered in Plastidip but the new vinyl wrap looks much better.

Contrasting the new color is a silver flake painted engine bay that’s been given a once over.

The chameleon paint job on this B2200 is still hanging in there. I don’t know who did the paint on this truck, but hats of to them because it is still going the distance.

Spec R Silvia’s are not terribly common around here so I didn’t expect to stumble across one at TNT. A shop car, it looks like, via , that this car was imported March of this year.

A second unexpected car was this Dastun 280z that was given a complete refresh and new mechanical lease on life from its owner.

As a long time sponsor of the TNT Expo it was great to see the show still so successful.  Before bringing this coverage to a close I’ll leave you guys with a few more shots I took at the event.

Congrats once again to the TNT Expo team for another great show and bobbing and weaving past mother nature for another year.

WTF Friday: The Return Of The Tandem?


There was a time when tandem conversions were incredibly popular. That time was, mostly, before my time –I’ve actually only ever seen one tandem in person— but I’ve always found them pretty puzzling.

I mean why were these conversions so popular? Adding a second set of wheels, wheel arches, and the whole nine seems like a lot of work.

Never mind the decreased gas mileage and extra cost of two more wheels and tires. The more one thinks about it the more the whole idea the more it gets confusing.

But there are people, bless their souls, still doing it for no reason other than to be different.

That’s the only reason I can come up with for someone to convert a Toyota Corolla wagon into a six wheeled pickup.

Well, that or perhaps the need for fuel sipping truck that can support more weight than your average truck to car conversion?

Actually that doesn’t make much sense either, but, regardless of speculation about the reasons behind its creation, this car exists and it is indeed ‘WTF’ provoking.

I spotted this buried on via and if I recall there wasn’t much of a story behind it. So I guess it will remain an odd, six wheeled mystery.

Theme Tuesdays: Billet Wheels, Small Cars


This week’s Theme Tuesday is an offshoot from another Theme Tuesday idea I’ve currently got on the back burner. I’ve always liked the right billet wheels on a Europoean car or import so for this post I decided to seek out more.

While titled this post Billet Wheels, Small Cars, some of these cars are not exactly small and some of the wheels are not billets.

However I couldn’t figure out a shorter title for “wheels usually found on hot rods, muscle cars, and mini trucks used on cars” so here we are. Wheels like Boyd Coddingtons, Centerlines, American Alloy, Eagle Alloy and so forth are the name of the game here.

I’ve posted this car before. I think it looks pretty perfect
I couldn’t find complete photos of this Caddy sadly – Photo:
I did however have a gif of it kicking around
The Coddingtons look great under the ‘dub, very period correct – Photo: 
I feel like these wheels were hopping around for sale for a bit
I have no idea what wheels these are, or how you mount them, but they are indeed unique
I wish I could have found more pictures of this car, it’s perfect
A Prius can spin large billet wheels? Who knew – Owner:
Same could be said for this Peugeot
Centerlines fall under the may or may not be Billet wheels category, but I couldn’t leave ’em out
Full polished Centerlines under Japanese tin is great – Via
BMWs and billets, a mismatch made in heaven
Looks stellar rolling too
Going to close it out with this wagon that I’d glady roll around in –  via

Returning to Binbrook


It’s been two years since I last took a trip out to Binbrook Speed & Custom, my friend Keith’s hot rod shop. In that time Keith has impressively grown the operation while continuing to build some of the best traditional hot rods in Ontario.

As a show of appreciation for the support he’s received since making the transition to building Hot Rods full-time, Keith held a BBQ at the Binbrook shop for customers and friends alike.

While a proper visit back to the shop, free of adult beverages (or perhaps, with adult beverages not being the focus), is in order I couldn’t go and not take a few photos.

For at start-up, mostly one man and a few friends, operation Keith manages to get a lot of work done. Especially considering how busy he has been after having several cars on display at the Canadian International Autoshow and then Motorama in 2015.

His shop is currently full of projects, both inside and out ranging from driver quality hot rods, lead sleds, show grade builds, and even a milk wagon.

Being too busy is something every shop wishes for, and Keith takes things day by day. He’s got a leg up on most people’s jobs commute wise as he’s about sixty seconds total from bed, to shop, and back again.

Not without his humor, even while at full capacity, Keith scrawled this little note about the application of small blocks on the side of one of the current builds in the shop.

Somehow, while neck deep in customer projects, Keith found time to redo the Binbrook Coupe the first hot rod he built mostly in his mother’s garage.

This time around Keith spared no time or expense building the coupe. Getting the car presentable for the was the goal and on that front he succeed despite a few set backs along the way.

As it sits in the photos the car is a roller, and Keith wants to revisit a few things before it hits the road, but it looks incredible all the same.

The body and paintwork are now immaculate and the flake is easily some of the best I’ve seen, and darn near impossible to capture accurately on camera.

You can bet I’ll be back to take more photos of the car when it’s complete. I mean just look at it, how could I not?