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Event Coverage: Performance World Part 1 – Muscle & Rods


This weekend I got a chance to check out the show here in Toronto, according to advertising this is the largest car show in Canada.

While I am not sure if that is true I will say that I was fairly impressed at the diversity of the cars  in attendance. I took a lot of photos and as usual I am going to pay respect to the OG’s and have the muscle cars and hot rods go first.

Random Stuff

Even in the classic/rod/muscle section of the show there were a few interesting side attractions worth stopping to take a picture of.

Got a lot of spare parts kicking around? Build a cool booth display model
Car show models are nothing but objects...
These paintings were rad, wish I had this level of skill at anything
Being able to pinstripe would not be bad either

New Age Muscle

These new era of the muscle car has arrived and is thriving, thankfully it looks nothing like the Plymouth Prowler or PT Cruiser

One off Pontiac Trans Slam epic
Note to manufacturers, this is how plastic covers are done, showcase the motor not hide it
I was able to get a better snap of that Camaro from the Toronto International Auto show
Looks like wide body kits are readily available for the new Camaro
The satin finish on this Camaro was unbelievable
The exhaust was a nice touch, and the dish, dish is great everywhere

Rare breeds

Cars that are rare around these parts and a few I have never come across before.

This Mercury was the first car we saw upon entering, great start to the show
Seeing as how our beaches suck these are rare around here
Dubbed Cotton Candy, this Fargo(!?) is very sweet
This started as a delivery truck and then was significantly shortened to create this custom
It takes a special kind of crazy to turn a big truck into a rat rod
This shop has a way with trucks, nice door stencil too
Not sure what this sled started as but it ended beautiful
Flawless body work throughout
I have never seen a half assed Willys rod in my life
Check out the dish on those rear wheels, may not be flush but it's fitment at it's finest
Look at how clean the trunk interior is, then look at the tires that had to fit in there and look again


For whatever reason my dad utterly despises Chrysler’s despite never owning one, pretty sure he wouldn’t turn down any of these though.

Some of the coolest airbrushing I have ever seen was on this car
The whole package is not bad either
While not classics yet Vipers were one of the original new era muscle cars
This car was pretty show prepped
Nice touch here
Notice any similarity between this stripe and the brusing above?
If you do not like the car the motor came in put it in something you do


If I had to chose Chevy or Ford, I would be a Chevy man. Thankfully I don’t have to choose.

A lot of people are mad these killed the s10 but I think they look great
And with a vette motor what's not to love
You know those cars you like but no one else does? 1980 z28s are that car for me
Gasser style Chevy II
Can you believe that this Chevy II runs 8 seconds in the 1/4 mile while looking this nice?
The Patina on this Impala works really well
This car had a nice drive in theme in it's display

Fast Fords

Well loved blue ovals

According to the card this is the only power hard top 67 in existence, might as well make it stand out I suppose
The owner of this car gave me a pretty cool post card
480hp, it says so right there
This truck was getting pin stripped on the spot
I'll always be a sucker for a high boy
Awesome plate frame
This rod has reached the level of automotive art
As there is no way you can drive with a brake setup like this
This Troy Trepanier built olive drab highboy was a real treat on the eyes, subtle and clean
As was this 32 pick up he also brought out
Both of the built by Troy Fords that were on display together

For part two of S.I.E’s coverage of Performance World 2010 click through to Part Two – Imports

Theme Tuesdays: Four rings spell dope


I like Audi’s, , but I do like them. In the right hands they can be impressive track cars and equally impressive daily drivers, and show machines.

I don’t know how likely it is I will ever own one but it’s guaranteed I won’t stop posting them.

Here are some of my recent favorites.

Apparently this General has around 700hp
This one remind anyone else of an e30 m3?
Quattro doin it on the track
I love these shots hopefully I can catch one myself one day
AWD burnouts are pretty impressive
This is a local ride, he had another Audi before this just as sick
A little polish never hurt anyone
Murdered out with just a little bit of detail on the bolts and caps
Another murdered out audi
Satin green, I
Satin black I have seen before
So sick the guy with the beard did a double take
I am a big fan of this photo in general, it just helps that the car is nice as well
Again another great set of photos for a fantastic car
No surprise Mike Gilbert was behind these
Brightest wheels I have ever seen on an Audi
The Europrojektz Audi test fitting a set of Rotiform wheels
Shaved smooth, would hate to tap this bumper on anything
Dumped and shaved
This Audis got the perfect touch of class

Featured Ride: Nathan’s Mini


At one of my previous jobs I used to walk by a local Toronto Mini dealership on my way to work, as I passed I would look inside and wonder why there were not more modified Minis cruising the streets. It seemed that at the time, for whatever reason, the enthusiast crowd over looked this capable platform.

Lately though the Mini has been making a lot of waves in the online stance/flush community and one that’s been causing is Nathan Gilbert’s o9 dark silver blacktop.

Having previously owned and modified a Volkswagen Corrado Nathan knew exactly which factory options and upgrades his Mini needed in order to work with the vision he had in mind, and almost immediately after he drove his Mini off lot it was it was under the knife to have a JCW Aero kit and set H&R coil overs installed along with a set of 18×7.5 Konig wheels.

Nathans mini sitting low on the time attack painted Konigs

Not about to build a car that was all show and no go Nathan added a turbo back exhaust system, and intake to give the mini a little more zip, and opted to make his time behind the wheel further enjoyable by adding a JCW Recaro seat imported from the United Kingdom.

The rake stance matches the flow of the JCW kit very well
The UK JCW seat in it's new home on this side of the pond

For those of us who do not know much about Mini’s Nathan explains that this seat is essentially a deluxe version of the Recaro Sportster seat;  equipped with side impact air bags, heating units,  and the John Cooper Works logo embroidered into the alcantara covering.

Detailed shot of the John Cooper Works Embrodary
This mini sports a mean looking front end thanks to the JCW kit and H&R Drop

After rocking the Konig wheels for awhile Nathan was fortunate enough to come across a set of staggered CCW Classics, CCWs are quickly becoming popular among the stance crowd and for good reason. These wheels instantly transform the look of whatever car they are on and always look good doing so.

The black lip and chrome faces of these wheels really pull this car together

Nathans CCW setup consists of 18×8 front wheels with an offset that has been adjusted from 32 to 27 via a set of 5mm spacers  and a set of 18×8.5 rear wheels with an offset of 28.

The staggered CCWS look perfect with the flares

With the new wheels Nathan set up his H&R coils with 2 threads left to go down up front and 5 in the rear, this setup allows Nathan to drive his Mini daily without having to worry too much about the conditions of the corners he is tearing up.

Rig shot with the CCWs hot out of the photo booth
Dirty Sanchez never looked so clean

I am very glad that Nathan ed me and gave me the opportunity to not only show off the transformation of his car, but also showcase his great photography skills. If you want to see more of both his car and photos click over to his flickr account: flickr/gilboyto.

To end here are a few photos that I particularly enjoyed:

Another one of Nathans rig shots, great results for the inital test of the rig
Nathan having a little fun
Close up shot of the fitment
Kind of looks like an RC car here
These are one of those simple photos that are easy to love

Once again a huge thanks to Nathan for the opportunity to showcase his ride.

WTF Friday: Let the Bodys hit the floor


Body drops have been around forever in the mini trucking community. When bringing the body of a vehicle over it’s frame it’s not uncommon to end up with  a truck that lays rocker, or even door, but this, this is ridiculous!

This s10 has been sectioned just below the mid body line and is so low that the wheels stick up past the top of the fenders and bed rails.

I would like to see some pictures of it at ride height as I can’t imagine it looks pretty aired up with a 1/4 of the body missing, however if the builders were trying to prove that they can go lower than anyone else, point proven.

Does it count as tucking if you start to un tuck?
Rockin the doughnuts up front
Hardly any bumper left in the front...
...and none in the rear
There is speculation (and for good reason) that this truck has no motor
I guess a little person could drive it?

WTF Is this?

Ok, while the new stickers are not in production yet this car mocks me every time I look at the folder on my hard drive dedicated to this site. I saved it sometime ago and forgot to write down what it was and seriously have no idea.

So guess what this car is and win a set of the URL stickers, you have to be able to prove it though.

First correct comment wins!

Site Updates

I am covering this weekend and will have my photos  up latest Wednesday because on Monday I will have a new Featured Ride.

My design mocks are with right now as we work out manufacturing costs but I am really hoping to get them printed before the month is out so that they can ship out just around the time everyone has their wheels and lips back on.

Flashback Fridays

Keepin it S body and keepin it movin

Here is one of my favorite Theme Tuesdays from early on, Puttin In Work! Not all cars with aggressive fitment are hard parkers!

Super clean MK2


Don’t get me wrong, I love slammed cars with lots of dish, camber, and stretch, but sometimes it’s too easy to forget what can be accomplished with a moderate oem+  styling approach.

This MK2 Jetta isn’t over the top, and would probably wouldn’t bring home a lot of trophies at a show, but I think it’s one of the cleanest, and best looking Volkswagens I have ever posted on here on Grosirbajuanak.

This car is so clean that I found it on a Honda forum and not a Volkswagen one.

As you all know I am a sucker for a nice set of RS’s and white and gold is a color scheme that’s hard to beat. This car is the complete package and the owner really knows how to keep it clean.

Combine that with a great photographer and you have an awesome set of photos.

The amount of cars that start with a nice set of BBS wheels...
The 8v (I think) flairs on this car are the perfect compliment to the ride height and wheel width
The gold on these wheels really pops
This location makes me wish there were more docks in the GTA
Mike Gilbert really knows how to work a lens
Clean shaved, tucked bay with VR6 swap
Perfect parting shot

If you want to see more great photos of awesome VAG cars check out

The Infamous Project 5.0 touches ground


Not too long ago I let everyone know that the Infamous Project e36 turned out to be lower than it’s inital rendering so it’s no surprise that the other car Chris Savard is building for may in fact be the lowest static dropped 5.0 around.

Chris used a collection of modified off the shelf parts to give his super charged 5.0 its final stance, which according to him, is the lowest of any static fox body sitting on 18″ wheels.

Before the project the car was already slightly lowered
Stripped for the new paint job
Matte/satin black coat laid down
Super charged motor all buttoned up
FMS C Springs with 1 coil removed and Racecraft 2" drop spindles were installed up front
Rear custom trailing arm/coil over set up
The final result = fresh paint fresh stance which Chris claims is the lowest static dropped 5.0
Anyone out there willing to dispute his claim?

I will be checking out this car, and his e36, in person at this weekend, and while I can’t confirm whether or not it is the lowest 5.0 around (as I have no way of knowing) I will take lots of pictures of it so that if it is the lowest it will be well documented and if it isn’t it can be disputed.

If you are in the area I suggest that you come check out the because regardless of whether this stang is the lowest it’s road to the show has been quite interesting and it be a real treat to see all of Chris cars this weekend after all of the hard work he has put in.

Theme Tuesdays: Pictures With Attitude: 2


After doing the first Pictures with attitude Theme Tuesday I knew that I would have to do a number of follow ups since it was so well received.

Hopefully at some point I will be able to take some photos of my own to contribute to this theme, but until then enjoy the best the net has to offer.

Beautiful picture, beautiful slide
I don't know whats cooler the car or the track, check out the bank on that turn!
I know, not slammed, but it's still pretty cool to see a car doing this and not a truck
Another big 6 swapped Honda?
Don't know the story behind this shoot but looks like a good time was had
2002 racking some frequent flyer miles
Looks like this e21 has seen better days
Scariest thing about this is that with a few panel swaps it could be street driven..
Spits hot fire
Can you imagine how loud this was?
This is drifting.
This shots made it rounds but I can't believe the bus is doing what it is
Air cooled fun
Light tap
Heavy tap
Everyone would want to be a cop if this was the case
This is dedication, bringing wood with you everywhere

Europrojektz A3


I normally try not to post things I find on the forums as early on and I talked and I made it clear that I didn’t intend on jacking content from him.

However I have been in love with the from the first time I saw it and the owner recently posted some new photos along with a beautiful forum signature/blog header and mods poster.

Killer looking front ed
I normally don't like hood/fender decals but this car pulls them off so well
The black roof works well with the bombs, grill, and smoked lights
The black roof works well with the bombs, grill, and smoked lights
This car wears it's tuck well
One of the best mod posters I have ever seen, click for full res
Without a doubt the best forum signature I have ever seen, dig the Police lights

For more on this A3 check out the and his thread on Stance Works where he explains exactly how he can carry a full size 19″ spare tire, have a 10 sub box/amp rack setup, and still get 30 MPG.

WTF Friday: Burn out, literally


While basically pointless outside of a drag strip everyone still stops to watch a nice burn out. It’s just one of those things that comes with being a car enthusiast. They are an awesome spectacle when they go well.

But when they don’t…

My sent me this first one, I pictured a lot of things happening but I didn’t expect the car to spontaneously combust! At least they chained it up instead of having people holding it?

– Watch more

I am pretty sure I saw this second video on the , tires blow up in burnout contests all the time but I have never seen them do this much damage to the car after exploding. I guess Camaro’s are sort of weak?

Remember this from the RX-7 Theme Tuesday? This is how it's done

Site Updates

I’ve let you guys wait long enough here are two of the 4 (maybe 5) new sticker designs I am sending off to the printers on Monday. Feel free to leave color preferences in the comments so that I can make sure to have them for the first order.

I decided to a a little ‘riskier’ with these stickers since there are quite a few clever stickers out these days and I didn’t want to feel left out!

URL stickers 2.0? Sex sells!
A little bit of a play on words with this one
Little bit of a play on words

Hopefully no one rips them off between now and when I have them in my hands!

Flashback Friday

Watching the above burn out fails reminded me of a lot of classic automotive fails I have seen via youtube so I decided that what better way to cap off today’s WTF Friday than to throw it back to a previous WTF Friday: 10 Crazy youtube car crashes

For those of you who want the WTF Friday guessing game to return it will as soon as I get some of the new sticker designs in.

Oh Rob…

Anyway I am off to ride in a BMX contest today so fingers crossed see you Monday injury free!

Red VS Black


What we have got here today are two MKV Golfs, both bagged with minimal body modifications and therefore looking super clean, which do you prefer?

Saw (Jigsaw) Voice: Red or Black make your choice.

I guess you could also say old timer BBS vs somewhat new comer CCW.

In the red corner sitting low on CCWs....
And in this corner holding the classic BBS trophy
Red's got a bit of a photography edge
But black is nearly tucking all of his lip out back
Raking the leaves is more fun this way
Pushin pebbles

I can’t decide personally I like big elements of both.