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Spring is in the air: Part 1


With spring weather finally here I thought it would be interesting to get in touch with with some of my favorite independent automotive bloggers and ask them what they had in store for both their cars and blogs this year.

I sent around five questions to each of them and to my surprise all of them were kind enough to answer in depth. In part 1 (of 2) of the spring is in the air series I catch up with the authors of , , and to find out what they have in store for this spring.

Derek Kreindler –

Derek Kreindler is a lucky guy. His job as a Toronto area automotive journalist has allowed him to spare his Miata from some of the winter duty and drive press cars in the miserable weather instead.

I’m not jealous or anything of course… let’s see what he’s up to.

Where are you from and how did the winter season treat you?

This winter was pretty good, I had an Acura TL AWD and Acurca RDX with big winter tires during the two heavey snow falls. The TL had a 6-speed manual and was a blast to drive in the snow as was the RDX. I haven’t spent a lot of time with a turbo car, since my MKV Jetta 2.0T, and the AWD system works like a charm.

After I gave them back, the snow cleared up, and I was driving my car on snow tires for a while and with weather being so dry I managed to do a few track days!

When the snow and ice were present things were a little interesting. Driving my car was treacherous, but one day we had a last gen Audi TT, a 2010 Taurus SHO and a 650 horsepower R35 GTR. That day was a lot of fun.

The only time I won’t drive my car is after the roads have been salted or after the snow melts and there’s saltwater everywhere, that stuff kills cars; NA Miatas, EG Civics and 240SXs have disappeared from the roads up here due to rust.

Dereks car in more favorable weather

Did your car receive any new modifications over the winter months or any plans for spring?

Yeah, I put the snow tires on! My biggest acquisition was a Hard Dog rollbar, which was something I sorely needed, I also got a Bride Zeta II seat, which is one of the few that will fit in a Miata.

Spring plans include a bigger front sway bar, poly bushings and maybe a new steering wheel, and hopefully some new rims but that depends on “real world” bills.

Dereks car with the rollbar installed

Any particular events you are looking forward to this year? (show or competitive)

On March 27th I’ll be getting a tour of the ‘s garage, If you’ve never seen , this guy has 3 warehouses of exotics, muscle cars and Corvettes. I think I’m going to see all of my dream cars under one roof.

I’m also looking forward to my usual track days at , it’s become something of a scene, where we have a regular crowd with a few professional instructors and we all help each other out, swap cars and enjoy bagels & junk food.

I’m not baller enough to do any competitive events yet, but I’m going to be out there as often as I can to work on going faster.

Anything new and exciting we can expect from this spring/summer?

doesn’t really have a direction, it’s more spur of the moment topics I choose to write about. You’ll be seeing more of me at and other outlets as well.

Meg –

Meg was one of the first regular commenters here on Stance and continues to be a familiar face both here and . When not zipping around the autocross course in her Miata, or , she can be found learning whatever she can about 240s so that she can pour that knowledge into her own build.

Where are you from and how did the winter season treat you?

Currently living on Little Rock AFB, in Arkansas. For my last winter here (moving to Spokane, WA in May/June) it was more wintry than usual — including four snow days during the spring semester.

Overall, all three cars made it in one piece, so I can’t complain.

[Two her’s one her husbands.]

Megs Miata one cold, dry, winter night

Did your car receive any new modifications over the winter months or any plans for spring?

Let’s see…. The Miata’s been relatively unchanged, I’m pretty happy with where she’s at right now anyhow. I will be picking up a Torsen LSD this year, hopefully.

The S2000 is just getting new tires, but also an alcantara leather center console cover. Plans for her are unsure as the husband’s looking into another car for himself. (I’m not allowed a new car until he gets a new car, ha.)

Megs husbands s200 getting covered
Dug out of the snow and awaiting the next track day

The 240SX is where ALL the work’s been at lately. Over the winter (wrong time to do it, in hindsight) she underwent the SR20DET swap.

Plans for this year include (hopefully) the Silvia front end conversion, a Bride seat, and wheels. Really I’m just looking forward to enjoying my new engine. 🙂 (Actually she needs a new diff too….. Yikes.)

Megs 240 early in the SR20DET swap
One of the few times I might suggest lifting a car 😉

Any particular events you are looking forward to this year? (show or competitive)

There’s a chance that this year we’ll be able to go to a event. I’m excited because I have yet to actually go and see drifting first hand, it’s all been on DVD’s and the web and in pictures for me.

There’s also Spokane County Raceway, which is literally within eight miles of the Air Force Base. I’m looking forward to hopefully getting out to a track day or two with the Miata. 🙂 And, of course, auto crossing!

I might go to Hot Import Nights as well, I’ve never gone and I feel like I should go once. I can also get a media pass which is great!

I should be a busy girl this season!

Anything new and exciting we can expect from this spring/summer?

Plenty! Mostly after we move, though.

There’s so much that the Pacific Northwest has to offer as far as car culture goes I can’t wait to sample it all, and, naturally, share my experiences. 🙂

Other than just going places and seeing things, the 240SX should be humming along yet, and I may start sharing some details on looking to add a fourth car to the family.

Noah –

Noah is one heck of a guy not only does he use his blog, , as a place to post after you might have never heard of or seen before, but he also uses it as a way to change lives (more on that further down).

Noah is fairly modest guy, who doesn’t think his cars are all that much, so while he didn’t answer the questions as traditionally as everyone else I was able to answer them on his behalf based on the information he sent along.

Where are you from and how did the winter season treat you?
Noah’s from Columbus, Ohio and the winter season kept him pretty busy and not just because of the snow.

Like a lot of people over the past year or so (self included) Noah has had to keep his ear to the ground and feet to the pavement looking for a new job opportunity since his current employment situation is coming to an end.

While this is a downer Noahs spirits remain high since his friend Melisa, in which was founded, and the $2500 he raised through his site for her cause helped tremendously.

If you click through to any link in this post .

Did your car receive any new modifications over the winter months or any plans for spring?

The stock pile of parts for Noahs first Civic (the red DX below) increased over the winter by way of a red carpet, vibrant catback, and as Noah puts it ‘a bunch of overpriced beauty washers’.

Noah's red Civc never sees the white stuff

This Civic, which is his baby, has a plethora of mods including: APEX’i N1 coilovers, Wicked Tuning LCAs, Benen rear subframe brace, Megan C Pillar Bar, Hawk pads, Password carbon cooling plate, Y8 intake manifold/short ram, 15×7 rotas and a CRV 5 speed cluster.

His Civc also has a Volante steering wheel with a bit of a story behind it. Purchased on ebay from an owner in Thailand this wheel came with it’s mother of pearl inlay heavily tarnished and the original horn button replaced with a BMW unit (in an e30 it’s previous life perhaps?).

While this has all been cleaned up it was quite a surprise when he got it.

The aforementioned steering wheel

During the course of he winter his Civic got a bronze poweder coated valve cover, and a polished fuel rail, in the spring it’s also going to get some out of the way by installing a new water pump and replacing his timing belt.

Another shot of Noahs red Civic from his description this car rides like its on rails

His silver daily driver EK is a salvage title car that now only receives what it needs to keep going, but this doesn’t mean that this car is stock.

It has a bunch of mods including a 99-00 front end, ChargeSpeed lip, CTR rear lip, color matched side skirts, Nuespeed springs, and Konig Work Equip replicas.

His silver one isn't quite as lucky
Noah's daily in summer trim, looks to clean to be a beater!

One thing this Civic no longer has though is Honda Emblems as they keep getting pinched every winter

Anything new and exciting we can expect from Hatch Life this spring/summer?
Noah’s been pretty quiet about his plans for Hatch Life since he has not had time yet to implement them but rest assured that even if all he does is keep doing what he is going Hatch Life is a blog worth visiting.

Anth –

Anth and really need no introduction, this site is bar none the best place to visit to get build fix.

Since the last time I mentioned Build Threads Anth has moved his site from a wordpress hosted server to his own and has lent his writing talents to Speed Hunters for a four part feature.

With so much going on I’m glad Anth could clear his schedule enough to let me know what’s going on with his rides, did I mention he is on the other side of the world?

Where are you from and how did the winter season treat you?

I am from Melbourne, Australia, so our seasons are actually the opposite to what you guys have, We’re just entering Autumn now, so I’ve just finished my summer season and I’m getting ready for winter.

Anth's put in a lot of work on this Datsun and it shows

Did your car receive any new modifications over the winter months or any plans for spring?

At the very beginning of my summer (late Nov, early Dec), the diff in my Datsun 510 started to play up and make a terrible whining noise which ended up being the crown wheel & pinion.

Christmas was just around the corner, and if I took too long (to get it fixed) I would have had to wait until the new year for workshops to re-open.

Luckily everything went to plan, the diff was re-built and re-installed, and I could enjoy driving the car over the summer months.

Ants Datsun rollin through the summer

My MKIV Golf daily had it’s coilovers & 18″ Aristo replicas fitted, which meant that no matter which car I choose to drive I can at least be happy that I was traveling in style.

Ants VW after a bath

My plans for this winter are minor, as I am trying to save money, the Datsun will continue to receive minor detail work such as cleaning up the engine bay a bit at a time while the Golf is awaiting a new sway bar (as the stock one is rubbing on the drive shaft).

sway bar leaving it's mark on the drive shaft

Once that goes in I can lower it some more, and then I want to track down some spacers for it to get the stance looking right (Stance is Everything, after all!).

I also want to fit a CD/DVD/MP3 head unit + 7″ fold-out monitor that’s been sitting in my garage for the past 2yrs.

Any particular events you are looking forward to this year? (show or competitive)

I am actually looking forward to viewing all of the American and European shows online.

One of the good things about entering Winter on this side of the world is knowing that on the other side everyone else is debuting their cars at all the latest shows.

So, I know that most cold mornings when I boot up my Mac, I can count on some fresh coverage from yet another car gathering and lose myself in the summery images of all the newly modded cars.

Anything new and exciting we can expect from Build Threads this spring/summer?

Well I’m a pretty bad procrastinator (eg. the previously mentioned head unit that’s been in my garage for 2 years), I’ve been meaning to work on the appearance of the blog, create a new logo, header, forum signatures, and even register it as a business so I can run some advertising.

How much of that will actually get done? We’ll have to wait and see!

That’s it for this round of ‘Spring is in the air’ but check back next Thursday to see what the authors of, , and are up to this spring.

Drift Posse: Shakin’ Off The Rust


My friend Brad Cross of had this posted on his and I watched it and enjoyed. DP managed to get out and film some snow drifting during our really dry winter here in Toronto and also threw in some footage from the from last week, check it out.

from on .

DRIFTPOSSE.COM – The drivers aren’t the only ones shakin’ off the rust, with this being only the second, and final Cyrious Productions offseason jam to be released this year. This one’s short and sweet… most of the fellas are busier doing builds than driving this year, but now that the track days are starting to open up, it’s time to get those cars race ready and shake off that rust!!! This video Has some combined footage from the final two snowfalls we saw this winter, as well as some clips from the SGR Track Day at Cayuga, March 21st 2010.

Music: Tortoise – Seneca and Wu-Tang – Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours (still don’t nothing move but the money)

Theme Tuesdays: Camouflage


When I was younger I wanted a camouflage BMX bike really bad, I actually took it as far as reading a tutorial on how to paint your own camouflage. Once I figured out how much labor it would take, and how much it would have cost I painted my bike solid blue.

The people with the cars today however have a lot more ambition than myself, or access to someone who can print and wrap automotive vinyl. Either or.

This just fits the look, lol
The camouflage wrapped Charger I mentioned in the intro
Rattle canned EF, actually doesn't look too bad
I think this might be the second Peugeot I've posted on the site
Another Civic, Traditional camouflage this time
This desert camouflage Hachi looks pretty awesome
Golf in non traditional camouflage colors
Fall camouflage? Does that exist? Either way that look awesome.
Hidden s2000
Digi camouflage wrapped Mitsu
Camouflage gull wing, dont worry its a wrap
Arctic camouflage wrapped e30, not bad...
Mad Mikes arctic digi camouflage wrapped Rx-7
Some might say sacrilege, I say amazing.
While I don't like this as much as the one above it's that bad either
This Camouflage A3 is probably the most popular and best looking Desert camouflage out
Love the matched LMs
Looks like he has a full show display as well

I wonder if this look is on the rise or on the decline? Hmmm do we need more of this?

Mini Feature: Malik’s Accord


Accords have really be coming into their own lately among the stance crowd. A car which was historically seen as the older, more conservative brother of the Civic is finally starting to get the respect it deserves as a platform, that in the right hands, can hang with the best of them.

Hailing from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Malik bought his Accord brand new in 2007 as a way to escape the lure of the street racing scene and has been transforming it into a head turner ever since.

Soon after purchase Malik started his modifications off fairly conservatively by upgrading the headlights and fog lights by retro fitting HID units and before he knew it the mod bug was fully taking over.

Tuckin tire

In his hunt for the perfect stance Malik went through a variety of different suspension setups initially the car was lowered on Tien S-techs, then Eibach Sportlines, and finally Nuespeed race springs.

The lip and cf hood work together well here

When none of these options delivered the slam Malik needed he picked up a set of Function Form coil overs and dropped his Accord on its knees.

I’m a sucker for a clean four door

With his suspension finally in order Malik flew through 14 different sets of wheels before landing on the 18×8 TSW Snetterton wheels currently taking residence in his wheel. However these wheels are only there until a set of flush fitting CCW Classics takes their place.

In preparation for the stunning forthcoming wheel set Malik has added a trio of Siebon Carbon fiber accessories including a hood, mirror covers and B pillars.

Once this car is flush watch out.

By the end of the summer Malik is hoping to wrap up the exterior mods by adding a carbon fiber trunk to the mix, once that happens his attention will turn to the interior where the current stock seats will be replaced with Bride units.

So far Malik is off to a great start with his Accord and with what he has in store for his ride it’s only going to get better, I hope once it’s all done Malik will send new pictures in and give me another opportunity to showcase his ride.

Thanks again Malik.

The store is now live!


With the introduction of a new batch of stickers, combined with the demand of the old ones, I felt the need to open up a simple to help me keep on top of sending out orders.

The latest batch of designs is a fairly limited initial trial run but once they sell out I will restock at higher numbers with a variety of colors.

So without further adieu here are the five products currently carried in store.

All of the stickers are die cut on automotive quality vinyl.

Original URL Stickers

The stickers that started it all: These stickers are currently available in: Pink, White, Green, Gold, Black and Gunmetal and currently stock for each color is at least four units.

Available for $2 a piece at the Grosirbajuanak Store


Cone Hunters

Currently in a limited all white run of 5 units these ‘Cone Hunter’ stickers are mainly for the track/autocross crowd, but also for those who like to abduct construction and movie set cones.

Available for $4 each at the Grosirbajuanak store (6"x2")


Did I Do that

Urkel was kind of annoying but so is knocking over cones and having to pick them up. This idea came to me in the shower so hopefully it’s as funny to you as it is to me.

Also currently in a limited run of 5 white units.

Available for $4 at the Grosirbajuanak store


URL Stickers 2.0

The second of possibly many revisions of the basic URL sticker, currently 2 pink and 3 white are available so act fast!

Available for $6 at the Grosirbajuanak Store


I like em dropped

This sticker basically sells itself. Once again 2 pink 3 white currently available more stock coming soon.

I Like em dropped sticker - Now available at the Grosirbajuanak Store for $6 each


Head over to the store and grab your stickers, and don’t worry you are not funding a turbo build or anything on my part, the cost of the stickers goes right back into making and shipping more stickers.

Thanks for the support everyone and if there is a color you would like to see next batch let me know via the comments!

WTF Friday: DIY Disasters


I believe all car enthusiasts should attempt some level of DIY on their vehicles however one should take the time to research their project and make sure that it something that they can handle without supervision.

By no means should anyone half ass their DIY job as bad as these people…

I guess if you really need one fog light and have a motorcycle tire hanging around...
I guess this would reduce trunk rattle?
Wow just, wow, office supplies meet the garage
Not sure how anyone could assume this is a good idea, common sense is not common
Local caliper paint fail of epic proportions

Site Updates

To all of the bloggers I ed earlier this month I am going to be working on “that” article this weekend so no you didn’t send me your information in vain 🙂

In addition to writing this article I will be also working on a mini feature for Monday so that’s something to look forward too as well.

I’m also going to be making steps towards launching a big cartel store this weekend as my new batch of stickers has arrived and I optimistically anticipate the demand for them will be more than I can handle just through the .

Finally site traffic has hit another milestone all by itself with no real additional promotion by me so that’s pretty rad.

Thanks again for everyone who checks this site daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly keeps me going.

Flashback Friday

Local e30 wheel fitment guru Jay (Mystikal) is selling his which he says is on stock suspension (I know shocked me too) so I figured I would throw it back to when I made a post about his Trevors now sold e30.

According to Jay the 95s sat lower and all he had to do was remove spring pads to get this stance

Check out the blast from the past to: “GTA BMW Love” by clicking here or the photo and check out .

See y’all next week though I might do another Random Dopeness/Sunday Swag this Sunday if time allows….

Civic EK + BBS RM = Good


While not new to the scene by any means I like this car, and and I like the trend of putting low offset wheels on clean civics.

May the ‘Fast and the Furious’ style of civic Modding rest in peace.

Next to no body mods, just clean paint, clean stance, clean wheels
The gold LCA's are a nice toUCH

Drift season has started in Ontario


An organized, safe, drift session took place just this past weekend along side the driving clinic was hosting at last Sunday and , aka , aka the same guy behind these amazing photos was able to put together a video of all the fun.

As it turns out while I initially thought that the drifters just showed up to this event and threw down, Anna from along side a number of other dedicated car enthusiasts in Toronto actually planned this event and are actually working towards having things like this happen more often which is always good.

Shout out to drifter Chris for giving me the heads up on this video by posting it on max and for putting it together.

K Sold is puttin in work


Last night I got to see my friend, and contributing photographer, K.Sold aka Keven Soldo perform some of his stand up comedy routine last night at a local bar. He slayed and good times were had by all.

When I got home I took a look at some photos he had taken of his friend Matt’s 2004 WRX, in it’s last days of winter mode, on the . Mild mannered employee by day, photographer by evening, comedian at night Keven is a triple threat!

This car is sitting on STI struts and RCE yellows and has the power to back up it’s aggressive look.

Pretty sure Keven popped this locations virginity
Wingless WRX's ftw
I've gotta pick up a set of Hella Supertones, my stock horn sucks
We would all be fortunate if our winter modes look this good

Matt is part of the small, but growing Subaru crew called so be sure to check them out.

Theme Tuesdays: E30 M3s FTW


If there is one thing that’s universal between basically everyone in the automotive community it’s that e30s kick ass, and e30 m3s even more so.

I did an e30 Theme Tuesday and now its the e30 m3’s time to shine. Tourings next?

Beautiful DTM replica
Another shot of the same car, love the adjustable wing extension
A similar m3 stickerless
Nice choice of LM color on this ride
Boxy and curvy at the same time, these lines are classic
Late Apex
This m3 borrowed a set of style 5s
CF hood is a stark contrast but I don't mind it
Another cf hood, this one matches the wheels
Dinan turbo e30 m3
This e30 is v10 powered, sick
Not a factory color, but still sick, color matching ftw
I don't like the kidneys (center of the grill) but I love the flat caps
Lots of show
and lots of go
Epic fitment, epic height, epic shot
I think the driver is making vroom noises with his mouth...
VW better get on the gas!
The hairpin in the distance looks like a lot of fun

Can’t get enough e30 goodness? Check out this article on about a and this one about .

These cars can’t be stopped, I will own another.