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Winter Wednesdays: an argument for ABS plastic and not fiberglass


Every year when winter comes around I have taken the lips off my cars, I take the one of my Mazda because it is fiberglass which gets really brittle in the cold, and I took the air dam of my e30 because I spent way to much time fixing that just to have some cold water mess it up again.

If I had a nice non damaged ABS example like I can only assume this civic owner does maybe I could leave my lip on…

ABS plastic is much more resilient to bumps and thumps than fg and all you would really have to worry about is it breaking at the mounting clips and paint chips.

I like the BBS RX's on this civic, damn fine looking winter mode

Still seems easier to me to take it off though…

As for our ‘big’ snowstorm today I got to work the same time I always do however it is still snowing so this probably means that it will just take me longer to get home to my ps3. Bah Humbug!

Until then though I have a draft featured ride I am going to push up on my lunch break so be sure to check back.

Theme Tuesdays: Classy Car Models


CarĀ modeling is an interesting thing, I never really know how to interact with models at shows since I figure that by the time I show up (usually late) they have already dealt so many assholes that they have written off the entire male population for the day. Often for good reason as we can be pigs when women are dressed in their skivvies.

That’s why for today’s post I decided to pull together a collection of classy, mostly fully clothed, models that would be more approachable than a girl inĀ a bra and some ‘?’ shorts.

This was a lot more difficult than I thought and I had to spend hours upon hours looking at women, the stuff I go through for my readers…

Ready for a night on the town
Car needs a little down and out
I posted this one before and it was well received
Santiago Gomez had the privilege of shooting this young lady
Local shop Next Mod has done a few shoots with nice models
Another with their is300
Both the girl and the car are unobtainable to me.
This photo shoot is super popular shouts too @solefoodOG on for finding these for me
Low car long skirt
This pic works your emotions... get it? ...ya
Nice hand tat here
Another internet famous shoot
Car matches the shoes girls gotta accessorize
Threw this one in for my gf since she drives a Soul
This one came from an escort service site haha
The poor mans Bentley
Another Ferrari
Photo wise this shot is amazing
Just another pretty face...
This picture is awesome
Maybe this is why models normally don't wear dresses?

If you are like me and ever wondered what goes through the mind of an auto show model be sure to check out – a blog of an unidentified auto show model. She is also on at: . I’ve already spent a few hours at work reading this blog…

Sleepin on ya


Cars like this are the reason that I am glad I started this blog. When I originally saw this car on I thought it was amazing and sent it to a few friends but really wished I had a chance to share it with more people since I think cars like these make the hobby more interesting.

Thankfully the one year old thread was bumped recently and the pictures were still live so I can now share this ride with a larger audience.

Jake Blackman’s Civic SI’s exterior is perfect example of the is so fond of, and under the hood hides a big surprise.

Looking at this car how much horse power do you think it makes? 150? 200? 250?

Just looks like someones clean daily driver
Under the hood is a b16 with a giant snail...
....Tuned by full face
Proof is in the pudding

Well if you guess 900hp, could you please guess some lotto numbers for me as well? When I first saw this dyno sheet I stared at it in awe and amazement for a good five minutes.

I’ve heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing before but this is on an entirely different level.

In track trim the car looks a bit different but still I can just imagine a few unsuspecting car owners just getting obliterated by this car.

Racing a car with this much power on the streets would be ludicrous so he does it at the track
In a more updated photo this car looks a little less sleeper ish but no less mean

Jake Blackman’s run

Blast From The Past: Leonard’s Euromobile


Today’s blast from the past doesn’t really go all that far back, just to a time when GTA e30s were low with wheels were sunk into fenders.

Though now sold this alpine white e30 will be remembered as one of the first e30s in the GTA do go down and out.

While I don’t quite remember the first time Leonard popped up on I do remember the reaction he got when he posted pictures of his 325is. Jaws dropped and people gawked. No one could deny that hate it or love it this car was pushing the boundaries of GTA e30 tuning at the time.

Slammed on KW Variant 2’s Leonard’s car sat on 16×9.5 and 16×10.5 BBS Rs wheels with an et of 0 and -3 respectively. These now rare wheels (production stopped in about 91 or so) were originally seven inches wide and shipped in all the way from Germany to the USA before Leonard picked them up.

To get these wheels to fit the rear fenders had to be rolled, flared, and cut, in addition to running serious amounts of camber.

I still remember my girlfriend asking me what was wrong with his wheels the first time we drove behind him on a max cruise, funny to think about that now since she’s pretty up on slams now though she won’t admit it.

It wasn’t just the wheels, height, and m-tech add-ons that set this car apart from the crowd like Randy was one of the first people to run HIDs in smoked ellipsoids on an e30. This was a big deal since at this time HID kits were still pretty costly.

The Euromobile

Leonard also had one of the most immaculate e30 I.C.E. trunk setups I have ever seen. He did it all himself and it looked very good in person.

Having thought my setup was pretty clean this one made me down right jealous, not to mention it was done to match his equally gorgeous interior.

Amazing set up
V.I.P. e30?

Once Leonard’s original m20 motor gave up the ghost (thanks to a pooched head gasket) Leonard went to and had an s50 power plant and 5sp manual transmission swapped in.

This swap made this car a complete package and helped quiet the people who were grumbling about the car being all show and no go.

s50 swapped in

I’m not sure where this car ended up after he sold it but thankfully and images of his e30 threads all over the internet (most notably ).

Enjoy the collection of photos I was able to scrounge up of this car.

What's to hate?
Leonard had a knack for choosing great locations
stance on point
I almost don't need to caption these
Underground maxbimmer Mississauga shoot
The fender and tire were close friends
Those rear wheels are so wide
I might write about the purple mtech in another blast from the past

I also happened to find this video of Leonard in winter mode (all year round!) on youtube.


Leonard was nice enough to send me a photo of the car the last he saw it. Seems that the MTECH wheels have been removed as well as the BBS RS wheels. While still very nice looking I much preferred how it looked before.

I am going to guess these wheels are either Type A’s or B-1s.

The Euromobile in it's last spotted configuration

All photo credit goes to Leonard Adam:

Smoothin it out


I’ve been noticing smooth chrome wheels seem to be surfacing outside of the rod/muscle/mini truck scene lately, and while I wouldn’t want to see these wheels popping up ever where, I do like them in moderation. It’s a nice change of pace from the standard fare.

This VW is going for that moon eye look
I quite like this car but without the slam the wheels would not work
The wheels compliment the grill
I have posted this Volvo Amazon before but it's worth re posting in this context.
Take the wing off the back of this crx and I would be all over it
Toaster on smoothies

On the side these wheels would be really easy to keep clean, since there would be no brake dust. On the down side brake temperature is probably through the roof, however I don’t imagine that anyone in their right mind would track with these wheels so that’s probably not even an issue.

What do you think? Yay or nay?

Winter Wednesdays: The beauty of all wheel drive


Subaru’s are capable cars that are meant to be drive all year round. Today we have two Subaru’s that are not afraid to be out in the fluffy white stuff that falls from the sky.

This first one is my friend Krystyn’s (who I have talked about before) old STI and I everything about this photo is awesome. Fresh snow and an open parking lot is always a recipe for a good time.

May this car rest in peace

The second of today’s winter Subaru’s is a slammed pig nose sitting nicely on some flushed out wheels. Whether these are Rota’s or real Emotions doesn’t matter what matters is this car looks sick and the owner enjoys it.

Pig nose really grew on me

As for here in the GTA it snowed last night which means my car got nice and dirty on the drive in this morning. Perfect!

Theme Tuesdays: Honda Accords


The concept of theme Tuesdays here on Grosirbajuanak is simple, every Tuesday I pick a theme and post a collection of vehicles with that theme that meet the stance criteria (modified suspension that suit the vehicles intent). This weeks theme Tuesday topic is: Honda Accords

Growing up my mom had a 1988 Honda Accord, it was maroon and pretty ugly but it had flip up headlights which always intrigued me a little bit. Beyond that though not much about the car or Accords in general interested me for years to come.

As the rice phase passed and Accords got cleaner and cleaner they started popping up on my radar more often and lately seem to be a quite popular platform for the stance/flush crowd. Coincidentally my mom just picked up an 09, maybe I will have to drop it on her when no one is looking.

I was going to organize this by generations but I’m not really up on my Accord generations so I did them from oldest to newest best I could based on look…

Clean straight foward CB, the pin stripe around the trim is quite nice
I'm normally not a fan of car bras but this car is pulling it off well
Every car so far has had a roof rack, unintentional I swear
My gf thinks I am crazy for liking Accord Wagons
I see this Wagon all the time in the summer at the skate park
Mesh and dish can never fail
Joey from the Chronicles had a sick ass accord on Works
VIP styled Accord, nice fitment
More racks
That's a big lip
Cali style
One of the cleanest Accords I have ever seen
Key Chain's sixth gen has been making its rounds on the internet
And for good reason these MB battles look great on this car
Local sixth gen at import fest
One half of the Tucson duo behind the lens the other in front
Another Accord sitting on battles
If your roads look like this slam it to the ground
Great looking shot great looking car
Hawaii once again showing us how it's done
Never seen this color before, it's quite nice
This gives me ideas for my moms newest Accord

Lucky number Slevin


This morning my gf and I realized the fatal flaw of the standard alarm clock, you have to set it.

Luckily I’ve had these photos uploaded since last week when I was going to post them until something else came up. I don’t really know a lot about this car other than the fact that its a build from Portugal shot by

The car is really, really, clean and rocks that classic black and white color scheme that just works so well on these cars.

Clean and period correct
Nothing over done here
Nice ass
Going for speed
Going for style

While I would love to link to a buildthread on this car I actually can’t find it anywhere. However has got a ton of other rad automotive photography to keep you amused so be sure to check it out.

For example:

Gotta love how calm both of them are
And boom goes the dynamite
Love to see e30 m3s on the track

Finally if you have not seen the movie go do that, it’s great.

WTF Friday: Random Weird stuff


All of the images and video in today’s WTF Friday post are pretty random but they are all loosely automotive related and pretty weird so up they go.

I’ve also added a flashback Friday portion to my Friday posts to shine some light on older content some of the new readers might not have seen.

The Barrel Bike

I can’t imagine what this would be like to take down a hill… probably loud and somewhat out of control.

It's got a cup holder! my e30 didn't even have one
Those kids are jealous

Random Images

Just some stuff, you know.

Haha vut?
I could ask you guys wtf kind of car this is but I won't do that to you...

Tight Garage

sent me this one and it’s actually kind of sad and awesome all at the same time. It’s cool to see that this guy is working with what he has and figured out a way to get out of his car right into his house, I wonder how long it took to get this dialed.

– Watch more

Flashback Friday

Since I have a decent amount of back content that some of my newer fan base might not have seen I have decided to add flashback Friday paragrpahs in the standard WTF Friday fare.

Today’s Flash back friday post is: Proof that suspension can make anything cool, a post about a local maxbimmer.com member who has been working on this Lada in Russia.

Is this Lada hopeless?

Site Updates

I actually found some time to put the mobile theme on last weekend so that’s pretty handy (at least for me). I’ve also been ed by to test out there and I might try it out on a few pages and see how it effects performance and usability. I don’t want this site to look like a Nascar so I’m a bit hesitant to start stuffing ads all over the place but we will see.

Other than that its business as usual, traffic is steady and I bought a box of envelopes for sticker shipments. TGIF!