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Europrojektz A3


I normally try not to post things I find on the forums as early on and I talked and I made it clear that I didn’t intend on jacking content from him.

However I have been in love with the from the first time I saw it and the owner recently posted some new photos along with a beautiful forum signature/blog header and mods poster.

Killer looking front ed
I normally don't like hood/fender decals but this car pulls them off so well
The black roof works well with the bombs, grill, and smoked lights
The black roof works well with the bombs, grill, and smoked lights
This car wears it's tuck well
One of the best mod posters I have ever seen, click for full res
Without a doubt the best forum signature I have ever seen, dig the Police lights

For more on this A3 check out the and his thread on Stance Works where he explains exactly how he can carry a full size 19″ spare tire, have a 10 sub box/amp rack setup, and still get 30 MPG.

WTF Friday: Burn out, literally


While basically pointless outside of a drag strip everyone still stops to watch a nice burn out. It’s just one of those things that comes with being a car enthusiast. They are an awesome spectacle when they go well.

But when they don’t…

My sent me this first one, I pictured a lot of things happening but I didn’t expect the car to spontaneously combust! At least they chained it up instead of having people holding it?

– Watch more

I am pretty sure I saw this second video on the , tires blow up in burnout contests all the time but I have never seen them do this much damage to the car after exploding. I guess Camaro’s are sort of weak?

Remember this from the RX-7 Theme Tuesday? This is how it's done

Site Updates

I’ve let you guys wait long enough here are two of the 4 (maybe 5) new sticker designs I am sending off to the printers on Monday. Feel free to leave color preferences in the comments so that I can make sure to have them for the first order.

I decided to a a little ‘riskier’ with these stickers since there are quite a few clever stickers out these days and I didn’t want to feel left out!

URL stickers 2.0? Sex sells!
A little bit of a play on words with this one
Little bit of a play on words

Hopefully no one rips them off between now and when I have them in my hands!

Flashback Friday

Watching the above burn out fails reminded me of a lot of classic automotive fails I have seen via youtube so I decided that what better way to cap off today’s WTF Friday than to throw it back to a previous WTF Friday: 10 Crazy youtube car crashes

For those of you who want the WTF Friday guessing game to return it will as soon as I get some of the new sticker designs in.

Oh Rob…

Anyway I am off to ride in a BMX contest today so fingers crossed see you Monday injury free!

Red VS Black


What we have got here today are two MKV Golfs, both bagged with minimal body modifications and therefore looking super clean, which do you prefer?

Saw (Jigsaw) Voice: Red or Black make your choice.

I guess you could also say old timer BBS vs somewhat new comer CCW.

In the red corner sitting low on CCWs....
And in this corner holding the classic BBS trophy
Red's got a bit of a photography edge
But black is nearly tucking all of his lip out back
Raking the leaves is more fun this way
Pushin pebbles

I can’t decide personally I like big elements of both.

Just Right


A former e30 owner on recently posted some summer pictures of his e46  m3 that he had yet to share. This car is a great example of oem+ styling and I think the ride height is just right for a manageable daily driver/weekend warrior.

It also doesn’t hurt that he keeps it super clean.

No fender gap in sight
He is running 15mm spacers in the front and 10mm in the rear to fill out the wells
The smoked corners really help clean up the front end
While a little cushier and heavier than the e36 and e30 I wouldn't mind one... you?

On this same note I will be part of tonight , car chat is pretty rad as it’s a live blog via and you can login with your account. Tonight should be fun.

I will be embedding it into a post here later tonight as well.

I guess Quattro is usefull after all


Well it seems as though Winter is finally losing steam which is great because I’m pretty tired of it how about you? Regardless I have a few pictures to take us through until the ‘official end of winter/start of spring March 21.

Audi lovers this ones for you.

Snow mudflaps are the best
This car looks killer
BMW vs Audi Driveway challenege! - Not sure the source of this one, hats off to them though

18 Days until spring!

Theme Tuesdays: Old School JDM


Last week on called me out on the fact that I had not posted some old school JDM rides in awhile. Since he was right I decided to check some of my local sources for some old school goodness.

I’m not as up on my classic Japanese metal as I am my American but here goes.

Classy looking Starlet to kick things off
I think this is an old Celica? - (Nope Mazda rx-3 thanks joe)
Not sure what this is (TE21 Corolla 2 door sedan - thanks Phil) but the wheels look early Supra or maybe Mitsu Starion
Japans answer to the El Camino?
This old Subaru really does look like the wagon beside it
Judging by the plate this Celica is F20 powered, what happened with Celicas anyway
How did something start of so hard then go so soft?
This slammed wag is a popular one
Another classic wag
I love tubbed cars
Wish I knew what was under the hood
I love Datsuns
Just enough Japanese race influence for me
Another 1/4 set up piece of Japanese tin
What would this post be without a initial d esque ae86
This color looks like Hot Rod Flats Midnight blue, wonder if it is
No idea what this is anyone? (3rd Gen Celica thanks again Joe)
Respect your elders!

Feel free to heckle me with your theme of choice via the comments or

Supra Spot


Saw this waiting for me after worked and sniped a few pictures with my iphone. but I figured I would share it here for those of you who don’t or are phobic.

After I took this shot I realized it was RHD and decided to take another
This car looks pretty serious made me wish I had stanceiseverything.com cards... hmmm

As the weather warms up expect more snipes!

Build, Build, Build, Build, Update


Seems like every build I’ve been following along with you guys has had significant progress over the past month or so.Which makes sense because as the winter season begins to slowly give way to spring everyone begins to scramble to get their cars ready for another exciting summer.

Here are updates on Pat Cyr’s F20 AE86 Build, The M-tricks widebody 2002 build, the rebuilt track e30 build, and an introduction to Aidan’s Lexus IS300 build.

Pat’s F20 AE86

Pat cruised through the motor rebuild he started last update and has droppedthe motor back inside the freshly painted engine bay, while he was at it he also laid down a coat of paint in the interior.

There is still a lot left to do in this build but Pat seems to be plowing through the work as fast as he enters corners.

Bored out engine block
Motor with low comp pistons installed
Engine bay painted
Interior painted to match
The more assembled and ready to be installed
Until next time...

Gleb’s rebuilt e30

Last I showed you guys this build a lot of the hardest rebuild work had already been completed. Since then the car has been moved from the body shop back to the owners garage so that he can continue getting the car ready for the up coming race season.

So far the only hiccup has been that the cage is a little close to the owners head in driving position, he is hoping that some seats with generous side wings will the solution to his problems.

He could just notch his head….

Glebs car leaving the body shop, looks so mean
Got rubber?
This CF dash was removed from another e30 and installed with a bit of modification
The wheel tire setup on this car is so serious

M-tricks Motorsport 2002 Widebody Build

The last pictures of this build were in gray scale to hide the final color, but it look’s like that was all a rouse since these pictures show the car in black sealer with no base coat in sight.

Either way the car is looking great and it looks like a roll bar is about to find its way into the car. I like the rear strut bar/battery box combo looks pretty trick.

Lots of wide body and lots of dish, means this car is going to turn lots of heads
Another shot of the flares and wheels
The roll bar waiting install
Battery box/rear strut bar combo
Looks like a custom center console has also been thrown into the mix

Introducing Aidan Borges IS300 build

Not too long ago Aidan, a nomadic southern Ontario native, ed me regarding his love for the site and if I would be interested in showcasing his 2001 Lexus IS300 build. After taking a quick scan of what he had in mind I knew that I would have absolutely no problems sharing this build with you guys.

From the information he sent it seems like his car will be the most aggressive wheeled IS300, if not one of the most aggressive wheeled cars, in Ontario once it’s finished.

His plans stance wise include a set of 18×8 +36 Front 18×9 +35 Rear SSR Linea Sport Rims spaced out to +21 in the front and +25 in the rear while a a set of Tein comfort sport coil overs will be put in to replace the current Tien S-techs.

Body wise he has a Kaminari Roof spoiler, a Version Select front bumper and side skirts, in conjunction with a TRD lip for the rear bumper.

Performance wise he has a Fujitsubo cat back exhaust that should be going on within the next few days.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of this build as it progresses and being able to do full feature once it’s done.

Here are a few pictures of his car now and some of the parts:

Aidan's old Supra should give you an idea of what he is capable of
Aidan's unsuspecting IS300
Tein comfort sports
Nice new cat back ready for install
Nothing like a stack of parts waiting to be installed, and a cute dog

The Impracticality of it all


Derek Kreindler is well educated, well spoken, Toronto based car nut who is not scared to voice his opinions. He recently wrote a article titled Hella Suck for his personal blog . Hella Suck touched on his feelings towards what is now known as the stance movement and was published on where found it and all hell broke loose.

If you have yet to read Hella Suck I suggest that you do, however might I also suggest that you take a deep breath before responding to it.

After reading Hella Suck it would be to say ‘you mad’ to Derek or call him a hater, and plenty have, but if you take a second to look past the harsh words he might have for your particular vehicle or styling prefrence you might just notice that he does raise some valid points.

One of his main points in regards to practicality is fairly valid:

Maybe it will fly in California, but in Toronto, with roads like the surface of the Moon and 6 months of snow, this style is impractical if not unfeasible.

While myself, and a fair number of others in Toronto, drive their lowered  car year round I would be lying if I said it was practical. I’ve pushed snow and scraped speed bumps from Toronto Ontario to London Ontario, and even as far as State College Pennsylvania.

The fact is Toronto’s best lowest, fitted, vehicles are rarely seen in both the summer and the winter months. This is because while six months of the year we have to compete with snow, the other six we have to worry about police officers pulling our rides off the road for being ‘too low‘ a practical mind field of newly formed potholes.

Have not and will not see this car in the winter

So Derek is right this look doesn’t really ‘fly’ in the GTA, it sort of glides with occasional touches on the ground or entangles in the power lines. Those of us who love it, do it, and those that don’t ride their cars a little higher.

The second point of Derek’s really got me thinking:

Setting up a car for drifting is usually ass-backwards to what actually makes a car handle. Still, it has managed to permeate the collective consciousness of young car enthusiasts, who are unaware that buying coil overs with absurdly stiff springs doesn’t actually make a car handle well, but rather masks the deficiencies of a poorly designed car.

I’m not going to pretend that I know the ins and outs about drift setup (or grip setup for that matter) but I know a little bit about both and I have seen a few people set their cars up for killer stance and try and also claim that they have improved their handling at the same time.

I think we all know that lowering a car has a breaking point and once you get past a certain height (which is different for all vehicles based on their initial suspension geometry) handling performance begins to lose ground to aesthetic.

Which is fine!

Yep slammed, but I can't imagine it tracks as well as it could

If the owner of the car, is willing to sacrifice performance for a look that is pleasing their eye than I think they deserve the freedom to do so. This freedom should also be granted to those who choose not to slam their cars as well.

Every aspect of the automotive hobby centers around personal choice and I think it would be beneficial for all of us if we all remembered this rather than trying to force our opinions on one another.

Moving on:

Most of the “cool mods” you can do to a given car makes it ineligible for most timed amateur competitions.

This point is one that really rang true to me and I think that a lot of people missed it because  it was closely followed the “Where else could anyone consider a Corolla as “dope” while keeping a straight face” comment.

While the modifications I made to my vehicle have not made me ineligible for timed competitions (that I am aware of) they have placed me in an autocross class that is not representative of my driving skill or experience which is, and I am not too proud to admit, a rookie.

When I do finally pop my autocross cherry there is a good chance I will be racing against drivers who have done the same modifications I have done not for looks but because they exceeded the limits of the factory components rather than just got sick of how they made the car look.

While I made sure the parts I fitted to my car were from quality manufacturers and took care to install them properly their is no telling how they will have positively or negatively affected my cars track performance and this is because I didn’t build my car with a track focus if I had I surely would have consulted the rule books of whatever classes I chose to participate in.

I think that while all of us become more and more wrapped up in our own preferred tuning scene it’s becoming to easy to forget that people outside of that scene do have valid opinions.

Instead of trying to shove the stance movement, or functional movement, down each others throats lets learn to respect aspects of each others point of view in discussion and go home to build our cars to our tastes.

We don’t have to agree but that doesn’t mean we can’t be civil because at the day we are all car enthusiasts that share a love for our cars that goes far beyond the transportation tool it really is.

If you are interested in reading more responses to Derek’s original article check out “Guys, I think we should let Rudolf play some of our reindeer games before he goes postal.” and ““

WTF Friday: By the power of Gray Skull


As a child of the 80s (84) and a product of syndicated Television I spent a lot of my youth watching cartoons such as Transformers, M.A.S.K, GI Joe, Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and He-man.

All of these shows involved a some sort of crazy vehicle that made an awesome toy but not an awesome 1:1 vehicle. Thank god for people with money, skills, and determination because two of these vehicles regardless of their practicality have come to life.

He-Man Land Shark

When I saw this on (a great blog for 80s nerds) I could hardly believe my eyes. Of all the toy lines the vehicles from He-Man could easily be considered the least practical to make into a 1:1 scale replica (well G.I. Joe had some bad ones too) and yet here it is.

The owner of this Land Shark says it was commissioned by Mattel originally but no one has any idea what for. My personal opinion is that someone had it commissioned on their last day at the company as some sort of elaborate joke.

Or Skellator really exists.

Yes for the curious the mouth opens and closes
Imagine the guns shot tennis balls like American Gladiator? Also note the car from Viper in the background
LOL, first diamond plate steering wheel I have ever seen!
Note the toy on the hood, this thing is alarmingly accurate
I wonder if fake tank tracks are in the works

This car is currently being restored by and I am not sure when it will be complete but if it is half as awesome as the video below it should be great!

TMNT Party Van

I am sure a lot of you saw this one on but I have been waiting for more photos of this car since I did the first ever Theme Tuesday on Vans. At that point I could only find one picture but thankfully now there are a few more.

Naturally this 1:1 replica is based on a VW bus and really makes me wish I kept the one I had as a kid.

Not sure why the Turtle looks so bad when the rest of the build is so good
Gotta live the stingers
The interior is spot on, and the memorbilia inside, epic
Again attention to details

Site Updates

I’ve got an idea for a spring themed post that will involve a bunch of my favorite independent bloggers (ie most my blog roll) so I am going to work on s to send to some of you guys this weekend.

Other than that I am going to bug my gf to clean up those stickers so I can send them off to .

Oh I also plan to weigh in on the big debacle that’s going on right now as well.

Flashback Friday

I am going to be posting some updates on basically every local build on Monday so for this Flashback Friday I decided to throw it back to my original Build Thread post.

A few of these builds I have not checked in on in awhile so I’ll probably check a few tonight and become reacquainted.

Knightx's build is still one of my favorites, I hear its going full track next year