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The Infamous Project E36 is lower than the rendering


Chris Savard’s double now triple build has been moving along ahead of schedule. The AC Schnitzer e36 is more or less complete, just awaiting a few final finishing parts, and the Mustang is next up for some mods followed by his Lightning. The e36 looks exactly like the rendering except for one minor detail, it’s actually lower!

The man behind the renderings actually thought that the height he rendered it was lower than Chris could actually realistically drop it.

Chris laughed at this and took it as a challenge, looks like Chris won.

The inital rendering
I've never seen someone match their wheels to their trim before works really well
E36s always tuck so hard in the rear
Notice that the splitter also matches the rims

Chris has just into the shop so be follow updates on that at theinfamousproject.com.

Wrong side of the tracks


Spotted this set of photos on via and I have to admit I was pretty impressed with the use of a fairly common location. Photos in train yards are nothing new but I have never seen someone drive on the rails like this before.

I couldn’t imagine doing it I would worry about driving off the rail and somehow getting stuck, that would be hard to explain not to mention embarrassing.

This looks similar to Dans Jetta which I posted in readers rides
Probably the most clearence this under carriage has seen in a long time
Nice raked stance

VW guys are always fun, check out more at

Winter Wednesdays:Icy Typhoon


Now I know that some of you looking at this photo are thinking ‘whats so special about a square body s-10 Blazer/Jimmy in the snow?’ Well this isn’t just a square body s-10 Blazer (the best gen) its an honest to goodness ! While I am sure the modestly rated 280hp/360 ft/lbs of tq factory turbocharged 6 cylinder 4.3L powered Typhoon would be tons of fun in the snow, salty climates these things rust out faster than the electric gauges in standard Jimmy’s will fail.

Even though GM totally wussed out and never built anything quite like the Typhoon (or its s10/Sonoma sibling the Syclone) again these trucks will always go down in history as fast little s.o.b.s that could not only hunt down Corvettes of the same vintage but 300zx’s as well as Ferrari 348ts.

At 30,000 new these things were a steal compared to what else was availible at the time. Now I think they hover at around 12-15k making them an attainable dream car for me and if I ever do own one you can bet it will be lower, faster, and less fuel efficient than it came from the factory.

Awd would come in handy in these conditions

Until I own one of my own feel free to watch this review from Motor Week review 1992:

Learn to love the Typhoon!

Readers Rides: SSgt Phil B’s Aircraft Loader


When I started this blog aside from the somewhat far fetched goal of going to SEMA I didn’t really have any goals set goals, I figured I would post and let things unfold as they will. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that one day stickers with my url would be next to a sticker on an army vehicle, on an army base, without someone going to jail.

Although never a goal, seeing this makes me feel very, very accomplished.

SSgt Phil B ed me in the comments of the Stickr’d post asking how he could get some stickers to throw on his hydraulic equipped Air Force Loader and contributing photographer Keven Soldo covered the cost of the stickers to make it happen.

Shortly before Christmas I went to the post office, and after a bit of confusion about sending packages out to the middle of nowhere a few Grosirbajuanak url stickers were on their way to .

Yesterday Phil sent along some pictures of  those stickers on the loader along with some stickers and it honestly made my week. It’s so cool to know that when he is on R and R from fighting for his country he takes time out to visit Grosirbajuanak and takes time out to me.

For a vehicle that spends it's time in the Desert it has surprisingly good stance

Wonder what its like to drive at full height
Fatlace and myself holdin it down
The clear bit was removed after these pictures were taken
How wide you guys figure these wheels are?
Phil ride that's waiting for him at home
And the man himself

I’m not going to get into the politics/controversy/opinions/whatever about ‘the war’ as there is already enough of that as it is and this isn’t the place for it.

I will say however, that I hope everyone currently fighting for what the believe in make it back home safely to their families, friends, pets and cars.

Thanks Phil for being a fan and sending in these photos!

If you want a set of your own stickers click the donate button at the bottom of this post and I will get them out to you asap.

Alternatively you can wait until my next contest/challenging question.


Theme Tuesdays: Vintage Lowrider Extravaganza


The concept of theme Tuesdays here on Grosirbajuanak is simple, every Tuesday I pick a theme and post a collection of vehicles with that theme that meet the stance criteria (modified suspension that suit the vehicles intent). This weeks theme Tuesday topic is: Vintage Lowriders

This one might be a little weird for some of you and if so I apologize but I fell asleep Saturday night watching the, woke up Saturday morning in time to watch Living with , and then yesterday after reading a I stumbled across some vintage pictures of vintage low riders.

I figured all of this was some sort of divine intervention telling me to post some real classic stuff for this weeks theme so I searched for some vintage low rider scans on google and this is what I dug up.

Hopefully you guys enjoy!

Photo Scans

Imagine this was the family car growing up?
Slammed Corvair, big afro
Lots of time and love into this paintjob
Classic lowrider style on a classic bug
Gotta love the vintage graffiti in this one
Strawberry Jam!
The hair and open shirt make this photo
How can you not want this in your driveway?
A Riviera I do believe

New pics of classic rides

I love these paint jobs...
Crushed velvet explosion!

Magazine Scans

Not a lowrider but not a car I was going to leave out
I love this gen Trans Am, normally in Smokey and the Bandit Trim but this works
Imagine when muscle cars and gas were plentiful?
Too sick
Low ridin, side pipin, suicide doored classic Mustang... crazy
I still dream about the same things today...
Seems like in those days models wore more clothes
Lol surprisingly no drug references in this article
Another bug, this time a magazine feature
If you have never been to a hop contest I suggest you try to get to one
Till the bolts fall out the license plate
Finish things off with a cool little article

Since these are all obviously classic material and non watermarked here are the threads/pages I got the pictures from:

Big shout out to all the people who scanned these and I can only hope that our generation documents our past as well and that it’s so fun to look back on later

Drift Build Updates


Decided to check in on the two ongoing drift builds today; Pat from F20 ae86 build and Ryans sr20e30 build from . Both of these guys have been feverishly spinning wrenches to get these cars slide ready for the upcoming spring season if not sooner.

Pat’s F20 AE86 Build

Last we left Pats build he was working on reinforcing the uni body of the car and making the necessary modifications required to get the motor to sit in the engine bay. This time around he’s finished off most of the large fabrication items regarding mounting the motor and has shifted focus to getting the motor running.

Pats new modified cross member, welds are looking solid
Modified oil pan
Well there's your problem
Motor tear down begins
Internals laid out for rebuild

Ryan’s sr20e30

Last we left this e30 the build was just starting and there was a long list of stuff left to be completed. Now it seems like things have been moving so smoothly in the mechanics department that a bit of time has been devoted to the aesthetics of the car.

Since the bay has a complete wire tuck all of the wiring is actually in the glove box
Nicely done trans cross member
Exhaust work under way
Intercooler piping nearly complete
Late model bumper swap
Boso esque exhaust?

Pats build is basically a exclusive but if you want to follow Ryan’s build you can do so and

Random Dopeness: Volume 3


Just a quick dose of stance on a Sunday morning.

This VW is really different than most of the cars I post but I dig this shot a lot
Slammed murdered 7 series
Normally I like body panels to match but this car works
Hard launch
This truck is beautiful as is

WTF Friday: Coming or going?


When I was writing about this weeks totally unexpectedly popular post on the Boso Box I came across quite a few funny looking Boso cars. This one however is really something, the whole Boso thing makes me question what exactly is required to register a car for the streets of Japan…

I’m actually not even sure what kind of car this is a Nissan President maybe? So I guess this car raises two questions WTF is going on here and WTF kind of car is this?

Double the fun!

Not sure why it was done but it's farily well done....

Site Updates

Got another feature lined up for the upcoming week or so and I am planning on installing the word press mobile plug in to make mobile browsing easier.

I think I will be around/near a computer for one of if not both of the days of this weekend so I should be able to throw up some Sunday Swag or Random Dopeness so drop by between drinks, food, fun and friends.

Introducing: Keven Soldo


This has actually been on the about page for awhile but I figured that I should make an ‘official’ announcement since as of yesterday he is now an official student of photography. I ‘d like to welcome My friend Keven aka K.Sold aboard as a contributing photographer to Grosirbajuanak.

Keven, , is not new to the site at all. He has been contributing photos and Theme Tuesday ideas for awhile now, and comments quite a bit.

He was actually the photographer behind the feature on Dales 62 Impala and he was a driver/shooter for the rolling experiment shoot.

Aside from his work behind the lens he has been a big part in my continuing motivation to keep this little project going as we talk about cars basically non stop and while his current car is at stock height he has big plans for it. His old e36 high sided on a speed bump once so I know he has it in him to create another head turner.

Look for more photos with the K.Sold watermark to appear here on Grosirbajuanak and enjoy some of the work he has already sent in.

My gfs car, did you know lowering these is really expensive?
They see me rollin they hatin
Kev is my way into the Subaru community
Our secret super close photo shoot location
The mini is actually his girlfriends car, she out stances him!
Keven was one of the first people I knew to go to Mosport
Who doesn't love Subaru Blue?
Ahh the elusive Saabaru
Kev's car is the red 4x4
It was tough to pic a fav from the Impala shoot but this is it

Pretty soon I am going to have to learn how to work my Rebel XT a bit better…

Winter Wednesday: Another snowy veedub


Keeping it short and sweet today since yesterdays Star Status feature was the most writing I have done thus far on this blog.

Fresh snow looks so nice before it turns to slushy garbage, hopefully I can get some shots like these this winter (sans summer rims cause I am not crazy like that).

Silver MKIV looking awesome in the snow

It was snowing a little this morning in Toronto but it has stopped now which is good because I am too sick to deal with cold feet.

I am going to be introducing a new contributing photographer tomorrow so stay tuned photography heads.