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You ma boy blue!


I came across this DC Integra when looking for cars with BMX bikes on the roof for this weeks Theme Tuesday.

I know nothing about this car and can’t remember which forum I saw it on so for all I know these photos could be very old. Regardless I liked the car and the photography so up it goes.

Ironically I think I would prefer it without any rack at all.

Nice composition in this shot, I think anyway
Sittin pretty flush
The green actually works well with the blue under the hood
Clean interior with Bride seats
Don't you hate when summer showers come in the middle of a photo shoot?
DC integras take very well to a slightly raked stance
I think shocker stickers have run their course but I dig this rear shot
This shot really made me wish I could see the car without the rack

Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white


I don’t post Acura NSX’s  nearly as often as I should, I posted this drift one and this one from CSCS5 sure, but other than that I can’t really recall posting anymore.

My lack of posting the Acura super car in no way represents that I don’t like the car, in fact I think they are awesome, its more due to the fact that I can count on one hand the amount I have seen in person. This means I often forget about this car all together which is sad really as the deserve shine time.

With that in mind I decided today would be a good day to share two NSX’s that have been on my hard drive for some time (Theme Tuesday idea that has yet to materialize). One black and one white because Grosirbajuanak is an equal opportunity blog.

This car looks mean as hell
Blackface and polished lips are still not played when done this well

Anyone else got some NSX’s they would like to share? Wouldn’t mind seeing some in the comments. Is the Phaze2 one still killin it?

Winter Wednesday: Apline White on Alpine White


After I got in last night, from shoveling snow at my fathers place, I decided to torture myself and look at coverage from . I quickly found my self among the crowd.

After seeing a while 3 that caught my eye I ended up on , a site dedicated to Mazda’s in Southern California.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t snow in Cali but had this car posted on their blog anyway. Seeing speed3s in the snow is not uncommon but seeing speed 3s on 18″ SSR’s in the snow is.

I love the front end of mazda 3s looks so meaty... in a good way
The wheels are SSR Vienna Kreis. - Thanks Rob
18×8.5 +37  225/40, 18×9.5 +37  235/40
The specs are: 8×8.5 +37 225/40, 18×9.5 +37 235/40

So far our winter has still been fairly tame and here is to hoping it stays that way!

Theme Tuesday: BMX bikes on roof racks


I am sure that I am not alone in noticing that roof racks have become a growing trend in VW, BMW, and Honda tuning scenes. While I am not sure how it started but it doesn’t have any indication of going away.

Since there are already lot of roof rack appreciation threads on the internet I figured to get a little creative with today’s Theme Tuesday and only focus on cars with roof racks that have BMX bikes on them.

Non riders

The interesting part about a lot of the bikes you see on the roofs of cars at shows is that they are set up nothing like how someone who actually rides would set their bike up.

The easiest way to tell if a person uses the BMX on the roof for more than just transportation is seat post height.

It would be extremely hard to do any tricks with a seat this high
Classically styled ef with a parking lot cruiser on the roof
Looks like someone is about to throw a pylon at this civic... or they are just moving it
Nicely dropped civic that I could have used in the painted wheels Theme Tuesday
Not a riders bike, but couldn't leave this one out

Old School bikes

These are bikes that the guys from would love to have in their own personal collections

The mag wheels are a nice touch with this older accord
I would love to know more info on this car and the bike

Possible riders

These bikes are a little harder to tell if they ride, they could be casual riders, or they just stole their younger brothers bike.

This hatch is perfect I love clean, glossy, black paint
The bikes a little lost in the trees so it
Even though this VW is hammered the bike has to be removed before going in the garage
Ok so it's not really on a rack, and impossible to tell the setup of the bike, but how could I leave this car out

Certified Riders

I can tell by the bike setups on these rides that these guys can, or at least could, get rad on a BMX bike at some point in their lives.

Diving board e30, BBS wheels, BMX on the top, man after my own hear
Industrial areas are always good places to ride, skis can make fun ramps in a pinch
Slamburglars has a bmxer in their midst
The fisheye makes the bars on this bike look super wide, matches the wide saw blades
This mid 80s civic wears its BBS wheels and roof rack well
This little CRX has a nice cruiser (24" BMX) sitting on its roof my guess would be an older racer
While this may not be a bmx bike, Logan from Full-lock owns this car and he does shred a bmx as well as he does a drift course

This was a fun one for me personally as I love when my love for BMX and cars come together. Hope you guys enjoyed it and for the record I keep my bike inside my car 😉

Event Coverage: The 2010 Toronto International Auto show


This Saturday I went to the ,  which I used to go to all the time with my dad as a young buck but this is only my second year going as an ‘adult’.

Going the Saturday before the show closed was perhaps a mistake as the show got busier as the day went on making it harder and harder to take photos.

You could say I went to the 2010 Toronto International Auto Show and all I got  were these crowded photos, however the show was a perfect way to add some event coverage, and therefore original content, to an otherwise event less winter season.

A view of the madness... this was about 12 o clock or so

Big Bird

Oddly enough this truck was in the parking lot I parked at. Being pretty high this truck juxtaposed next to my car was pretty amusing to me. I couldn’t actually park beside it though as someone did the spot beside it an injustice by throwing up in it meaning that for me to get out I would have had to walk through vomit, gross.

This car needs some mudders to make the lift make sense... Mack emblems?
Lol at my roof not even making it up to the bed rails...

The Transformers Camaro

GM I have a bone to pick with you… how dare you show a Camaro SS Autobot edition with a automatic transmission. As a Transformers fan and a car enthusiast I do not condone such a travesty.

Regardless here is a pic of the emblem and offending transmission.

I'm curious what the cost of replacement emblems would be and how many will be stolen

Factory performance accessories.

It’s always nice to see what sort of performance accessories manufactures offer for their own vehicles. Things like these are espically nice for people who want to keep their factory warrenty in tact.

Here are some examples from Toyota/Lexus/Scion camp.

TRD spring, strut and bar package
Lexus fsport spring/strut set up
F sport big brake kit

Concept Cars

It’s always cool to see concept cars at auto shows like these. It shows what the automotive designers really had in mind for their creation before it got watered down to meet the needs of the general public. Could you imagine where our cars would be today if more automobiles stayed in tact from concept to production?

This VW NCC hybrid concept proves that you can do Hybrid cars that don't look silly (look at you Toyota Prius)
This Soul based jeep like concept was pretty interesting, don't think Kia has a rugged frame though
The following Mazda 2 concepts are based on the upcoming to North America Mazda 2 Chassis
You can see the stock version in red, I think these have a decent chance in becoming reality
Though a little small for my needs I prefer these to the Fit/Yaris
I had considered getting my wheels powder coated a similar color
The Lexus LF - CH concept was looking pretty rad
I think the idea of hiding rear door handles on 5 doors should make its way to production
Another hybrid concept the Infiniti Essence
The Infiniti Essence concept
This car had Bat mobile like lines, I dig

New Models/Introductory Models/ Current Models

I didn’t take pictures of all the new cars at this years show because stock cars, as a rule, are fairly boring and have copious amounts of fender gap (do we really need fist size fender gaps on sedans?).

However I did take pictures on some of the more interesting models.

The more modified Coopers I see the more I like them
Some uninformed folk looking at this car were sure it was setup for drag racing...
I really like the WRX hatch but my gf seems to think I will never get one...
Nissan had this super nice GTR out
Couldn't really get a good angle of all of it so I did the next best thing...
Looks like Fords up to something
Ford Fusion T4 concept/joint project anyone know if Ford will produce any of these?
Are we finally getting a decent Focus again? Looks good
I witnessed a young man get out of this car and say it was nice but too low not a S.I.E fan I guess!
This Scion was done up to the 9s and fairly clean for a show car
Dish bigger than my iphone
Whats up fatlace?
Cars which you are supposed to be driven around in don't really appeal to me
The SLS brings back the gullwing and it's about time!
This car had so many people around it getting a good picture was impossible...
There is a lot of buzz around the, Pléthore LC-750 , aka that Canadian super car. I am interested to see how it does

Classic Motor sports and other memorable cars

There was a pretty awesome classic Motor sports exhibit at the show. In all honesty my knowledge of racing is pretty sparse but I know when a car is worth stopping to snap a photo.

In addition to these there were also a few classic sports/muscle/rods strewn about the show which were there, I would like to think, just to please me.

Every event needs a deuce coupe
Cool to see that Audi doesn't forget it's past
Race height is serious!
My program just fit underneath
This car was un restored and looked ready to get back on the track
Classic race engineering at it's finest
I sort of want to go to a vintage race event now...
This 81 Jag XJS was hands down my favorite car of the show, I've never seen a race prepped Jag before

Shelby Exhibit

Carrol Shelby is a boss. What this man has done for automotive enthusiasts everywhere is incredible. The Toronto International Auto show had a very well put together tribute to his accomplishments over the years. The aforementioned Jag was my favorite car of the show but this was my favorite part of the show.

Shelby was a big part of the vipers development, anyone remember the show Viper?
The rear wheel gap on these is a lot more than I every remembered
Sign says do not touch and yet smudges everywhere
Shelby Green Hornet Mustang replica... fine piece of machinery this
Interesting thing I notice was that this car had a mat underneath, it wasn't leaking though marking its territory!
Carols touch influenced all of these cars
This un restored bar find Cobra makes me want to go hunting
Several million dollars worth of Automotive history here
This particular one was worth 2.3 million
The information card near this car said that it was akin to driving on marbles at top speed, nice
Built to be driven

If you want to see some more photos from the autoshow check out Ste’s shots from media day over at and at .

Perhaps next year I can try and weasel a press pass? Doubt it but here’s hoping!

WTF Friday: Random internet wtfs


God bless the internet it’s provided such things this week as , rumors of a sex tape (ugh), and today’s collection of strange car related images.

Bless you internet for without you I would be jobless.

Low mow
Any ideas why that adjustable is in there? Shim maybe?
Sure they fit now but...
Gotta do what you gotta do I guess
This is Sam's signature on maxbimmer, I gotta admit it made me lol

Site updates

As some of you might have noticed on I finished some preliminary designs for some new stickers and the art department, aka my gf, is going to look over to clean them up before they are sent to my printer.

I have new versions of stickers with the url, something for the auto-x/track crowd, some stickers with girls in them, and something sexually suggestive. I would post some teaser pics but I want a few in my hand first so that if they do get copied at least I know I had made some first.

I think they will be worth the wait 😉

Flashback Fridays: TWOLITREphotography does JDMrides Official Meet #2

This year I plan to make it out to at least one of these events, scheduling didn’t work out to well last summer so hopefully this summer I can fix that if nothing else just to see this car again.

Two Litre Media captures the El clipped Civic

Hoping to make it out to the auto show this weekend so fingers crossed I do. Have a good one!

Is this the first titled R33 in Canada?


For those of you living outside of Canada let me give you a quick break down on our car importation laws… they suck, and when I say they suck I mean they are strange.

To tell you the truth I am not 100% on them, all I know is that going by our odd rules this R33 might be the first on our streets.

You see a lot of desirable cars that are less than 15 years of age are generally impossible to import into our fair country, and to make matters worse we have an inadmissible list that bars cars of any age for reasons only people in suits understand.

For example we can’t import a 2000 Lexus SC400/300, 1995 and 1996 Dodge vipers, and 1995 Dodge Spirit/Acclaims, and I’m not even sure anyone would want to import a Dodge Spirit but I guess someone out there needs a replacement for their reliant K.

What this means in relationship to today’s post is that prior to 2010 R33s could not be imported into Canada to be titled and insured.

With a strong knowledge of importation laws this local Toronto Mazda 3 member waited until the 2010 New Year rang in before he imported this 1995 Skyline GTR V-spec which he says is the first one titled and insured for Canadian streets. His car is the 88th R33 GTR built in this year and is 1 of 1,423 Vspecs built.

I bet no one on this street knows what this car is...

Now an r33 would be impressive at factory specs but this one has quite a list of mods; 1998 Skyline GTR factory HID headlights,Greddy 4row FMIC with polished piping kit, Greddy Profec B boost controller, with factory boost re-stricter removed (boost is now 13psi), HKS Turbo Timer, Nismo 320KPH, 11,000RPM cluster… the list goes on and on lets just say that this car is suited and booted and in near mint condition.

Dat ass
This is a manly purple
I remember the first time I saw my car being excitied... seeing this I would faint
Imagine the wrong motor was under here? That would be a downer
Clean center console
If you look carefully you can see his daily speed 3 out front

While this car looks amazing the owner has no plans to show it, or let it sit around collecting dust as soon as the weather clears up it’s running its paces on the track regularly, and that’s always good to hear.

Another e30 changes hands


Remember that dished out m-tech e30 that Sam and myself took pictures of at the 2009 maxbimmer.com  autumn e30 meet? You know it was silver, dumped, m30 powered and also got ?

Of course you remember it how could you forget? Well it’s been sold.

It’s been up for sale for awhile now and just this past weekend a deal was finalized and the car changed hands. Thankfully the previous owner ed his friend to snap a few photos of this car before it road off into the sunset.

Brought out in the middle of winter for one last shoot
Side profile, this shot is well framed
Can't get over the amount of dish on this car
Front end of mtech II goodness
Hopefully the new owner treats this car right

Who knows where this car will end up in the future or how it will look in the days to come. Hopefully the new owner just builds upon the already established look, but whatever happens we can always remember it as it was via pictures.

If you want to see more work from this photographer visit

Winter Wednesday: Lost e30 m3


Wow with the holiday on Monday I forgot today was Wednesday when I woke up this morning.

It wasn’t until I was driving to work in the snow that it clicked and I realized I needed to do a Winter Wednesday post for this week.

Luckily I had this gem stashed away in my gmail account and it just so happens that it will go well with what I am posting later today.

Fate perhaps.

With e30 m3s being pretty rare in the GTA I can thankfully say I have never seen one out in our salty winters, of course that’s not to say that no one brings theirs out in the snow somewhere else, as the picture below illustrates.

Looks like she didn't get very far which is could because I would hate for some dolt in a Caravan to smash into this car

Quite honestly I don’t see any reason not to drive this car, with proper winter tires, in the snow as it would be a lot of fun.

I don’t think snow (which is just cold water after all) leads to the early demise of vehicles, rather I think it’s the salt and idiots who can’t drive in the winter that kill a lot of the best enthusiast cars.

Fingers crossed this car was just brought out for this shoot and then tucked back away for fairer conditions and fingers crossed I can find more pictures of it in my travels.

JDM Rides Valve Cover Build Off


Here in Toronto our winters are long and boring, and while awd guys have fun amusing themselves in the snow, the rest of us drive around in our salt covered cars hating life.

For the past two winters has stepped in with a valve cover build off contest to help kill of some of the winter blahs.

While this years entries trickle in lets take a look at some of the best from

They are all pretty creative and I am not sure how many Honda followers I have but hopefully this post inspires someone somewhere.

Land of the rising sun
Land of the rising insurance rates?
It makes me sad that this is done so well as I despise Hello Kitty
My personal favorite, can
Not a JDM rides member but amazing none the less

If you want to get in on this contest head over the , and if you just want to look at more valve covers