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Featured Rides: Star Status


Volkswagen drivers are serious when it comes to stance. They have been doing it for a long time, and arguably do it the best. Therefore, anytime a pack of proper VW’s scrape down the street together, it’s a rolling lesson in stance 101. I hope that Northern Jersey and area residents have their pens and paper at the ready, because when Star Status is in town they put on a clinic wherever they go.


The MKIII GTI is a popular platform among the VW crowd, and no VW crew would truly be complete without one. That’s why Star Status has this beautiful example in their fold. Ramon’s MKIII is heavily modified, but never looks over done which is proof of a keen eye to detail.

The body is set off by a JOM badge-less grill, vr6 chin spoiler, fk long turn signals, clear red hella tails, french headlights and chrome mirror caps.

Motor wise, the perpetually loved vr6 has been hopped up with a MarkIV headgasket, Autotech 262 cams, Schrick VGI intake manifold, Giac cam file chip, Secondary Air delete, and a Suitcase muffler delete. To help put all this new found power to the ground, a stage 1 clutch has also been installed.

Inside this dub, and behind a leather wrapped dash, sit a pair of r32 seats, which are complimented by matching leather wrapped door panels with Bentley diamond stitched inserts. The leather continues to flow over the A-pillars, glove box and center console. Finishing off the interior, a suede Bentley diamond stitched headliner was installed alongside a Weichers polished 4 point cage, should this car ever have the misfortune of ending up upside down.

The chances of this car rolling are, thankfully, pretty slim since it squats down in the weeds on a bagyard “bomber” air setup that tucks the 17×7.5 and 17×8 MAE crown jewels perfectly into the wheel wells

Sitting at FDR this GTI looks dialed

Download high res – 371kb

Black MKIII Cabrio – Danny (Mouth)

The second Star Status car is Danny’s MKIII Cabrio, and it’s a serious bit of machinery. The boser hood hints that this car has a little bit of attitude, but I think few would expect that come spring time, underneath that hood and behind the badge-less grill an all black super charged 2.9L vr6 with a Shrick manifold, will sit in the red, shaved bay (which matches the red diamond stitched interior) for anyone ready for a little fun.

Additionally little birdie informed me that by the time spring rolls around Danny’s current 3 piece OZ Pegasus 16×7.5″ wide wheels will be history in favor of a deeper and wider set of wheels. The new set of wheels should be the icing on the cake for this mean little Cabrio.

This car has a motor under the hood that backs up its mean look

Download high res – 302kb


If Danny’s Cabrio wasn’t an indication that Star Status doesn’t believe that riding low always means riding slow, this GTI should be.

Sal’s GTI has been boosted up and beyond factory specs with a GT3071R turbo upgrade while the ride height’s been adjusted with a set of FK silverline coil overs.

With such a potent motor and suspension setup this car needed a pair of wheels to pull everything together and the HRE 449r 18×8’s do exactly that.

I wouldn’t mind taking this car out for a boot

Download high res – 359kb

The Star Status Black Rabbits

Star Status likes to double their fun, and does so by having two sets of identical body, identical color cars in their flock.

The first Star Status pair is a duo of black MKV GTI’s that drive home the point that often nothing looks cleaner, or meaner than a slammed, clean, black, car.


Furby’s rabbit keeps the mod list short but very sweet, this car has; B&G coils, Radinox lipped Th-line rims (17×8 and 17×8.5), blacked out headlights, and amber turn signals.

Each of Furby’s modifications compliment the one before it, and create an extremely clean enviable ride.

Clean, nothing else to say

Download high res – 361kb


Matt is from the same school of thought as Furby, and as such, his rabbit also has a tight list of well thought out modifications which play off one another to create a portrait of stance perfection.

This black beauty is hammered down onto polished Benz six slots with an air ride setup and has an cutout free oem votex rear, a badge-less grill, and projector headlights.

Both the no dumping and no parking rules have been broken here

Download high res – 438kb

Slammed Matt’s way

Download high res – 504kb

The Star Status Yellow GTI’s

Yellow is a hard color to pull off correctly. It takes a certain type of finesse to modify a yellow car knowing that one misstep can cause an endless amount of big bird references to take flight.

With two yellow cars in their collective, it’s safe to say that Star Status knows how to keep things tasteful when it comes to dealing with yellow rides.

Before Star Status, I would have been hard pressed to post two modified yellow cars in one post, but the decision is basically made for me when the yellow cars look as clean and proper as these. If all yellow cars looked as clean as thisGrosirbajuanak would be 90% yellow cars.


The first Star Status GTI was featured in the Girls with hot rides Theme Tuesday and upon seeing it again I remembered just why I liked this car so much.

The female touch behind this build knew that the factory body needed a little bit of help, so a badge-less grill was installed, half of the door cups were shaved, and the hatch was smoothed out entirely.

Once the body was all squared away, a set of RH wheels were installed and an air ride kit brought the body down to ground level.

A lot of guys in the game could take lessons from Paige on what it takes to build a clean, slammed, ride.

Beautiful car, beautiful photo

Download high res – 382kb


Ahmet’s GTI starts out with the same Imola Yellow paint as Paige’s, and truly upholds the clean look that Star Status is known for. This GTI has an oem votex body kit (Super rare!) and smoked golf tails. Ahmet installed these taillights as something for slower cars to watch fade into the distance as his APR stage 3 turbo kit propels his car into the night.

Not about to leave the under hood area untouched, this car has received a flawless Star Status quality shaved engine bay as well. Inside a set of cloth r seats were installed.

Finally Ahmet’s car achieves it’s immaculate stance and fitment by sitting super low on Brown AC Schnitzer Type 1s at 17×8 upfront and 17x9s out back.

Notice how ever Star Status crew car is hammered but the bumpers are in great shape

Download high res – 382kb


Another Star Status black beauty DTeks MKIV is a head turner. The paint on this car is so deep that it’s easy to overlook the shaved hood notch, bumper notch, side markers and hatch. But what’s not hard to miss is the crushed red velvet that covers the headliner and pillars. This deep red provides a perfect contrast to that flawless black paint.

Under hood the motor breathes better thanks to an intake, turbo inlet pipe, down pipe and exhaust. While an aftermarket chip has been added to remove the restrictive factory ECU settings for a final power push.

The UV airbags on H&R struts bring this Golfs fenders down closer to the polished lips of the 18×8 and 18×9.5 J line 5SL2 rims and if anyone says that black face chrome lip rims are played out the need to look at this car again. When done right this look is tough to beat.

Simply Stunning

Download high res – 240kb


Last but not least in Star Status is Dan’s flawless red GTI. The body of this car has been fitted with euro R32 tails, and a no-cutout euro R32 rear bumper. Inside the engine bay, it packs an extra punch with a stage 2+ tune and bolt ons.

Inside this vw, the front and rear seats have been wrapped in black leather and alcantara to keep the occupants in place during high speed maneuvers, and since Star Status believes in the complete package, the door cards were also done to match.

Star Status is clearly a fan of air ride set ups, and this car is more of the same since it sports a bag over coil setup that allows the lips of these 17×8 and 17×9 polished faced RS rims to sit flush with the fenders when fully aired out.

With these wheels sitting so perfectly in the wells, you just know that a lot of time and measurements went into this final stance.

Once again the photo work of Daniel Berenson makes for a great photo of a great ride

Download high res – 317kb

I’m no fortune teller but I can see Star Status making waves in the euro tuning scene for years to come. The nine cars you see above are just a few of the cars in the crew.

I’m very happy to have been able to showcase some of their amazing lineup of cars here on Grosirbajuanak, and look forward to posting more.

Thanks to for being the liaison between myself and Star Status and for splitting photo duty with his friends Ahmet Baran and D Tek.

If you would like to see more of their work photo work their flickr accounts are:

Theme Tuesdays: Down Del Sols


The concept of theme Tuesdays here on Grosirbajuanak is simple, every Tuesday I pick a theme and post a collection of vehicles with that theme that meet the stance criteria (modified suspension that suit the vehicles intent). This weeks theme Tuesday topic is: Down Del Sols

This summer I saw a few nice local Del Sols and after writing the mini feature on Eric’s Del Sol I figured I would try and throw together an all Del Sol Theme Tuesday. Not too many people stick with this platform it seems but they are actually fairly receptive to different tuning styles.

Start things of with a local grown Del Sol, this was his first set of wheels
The car really came together when he got these RM's and swapped wings
Car looks money on these custom painted and lipped RMs
Not a big fan of the bumper guards but everything else comes together nice
Looks like the same car as above just at a different point in time
Don't think I have ever posted 3 versions of the same car in one Theme Tuesday Before
Keepin things simple and clean
Not often you see white and red wheels but they work on this Del Sol
Sportmaxx wheels are so hard to hate
Mugen Equipped
BBS wheels look good on almost anything
This Del Sol is looking sick on Schmidt th-line rims
Another shot, love the smoothed body on this one
I think these might be ccws but either way they look proper!

Point of discussion: The Boso Box


I’ve seen this Scion a few times in my travels in the interweb. The man behind is a big fan of this car and I get most of updates regarding it from there. The style is a fairly rare in North America so it’s interesting to see someone with enough guts to try and tackle it but it raises the questions are we ready for this style to come here and do we even need it?

The Boso style came from so over there Boso cars are probably not really that strange but here the are a different story all together.

They really are strange and stand out quite prominently making a statement about the owners individuality.

As we all know the nail that sticks out gets hammered down and as such the Boso Box has been met with criticism on various automotive forums all over the internet.

This Is The Boso Box

The Boso Box is a custom home made flared scion sitting (at stock height) on 15×13(!!!) -119 Ronal wheels with magnesium faces. Since no one really knows anything about these wheels it’s probably safe to say they were some sort of racing one off’s.

In addition to the wheel and flare setups the box also has a crazy exhaust and a pretty accessorized interior and trunk area.

The Boso box
That's a lot of dish!
Flare's under construction
I can't imagine how these are legal...
Hood visor under construction, I've yet to see the final completed pics

Personally the Boso Box doesn’t do anything for me, I would never drive it myself, but chances are I will never see it in person and no one is forcing me to like it or to do this to my own vehicle.

While our tastes may differ myself and the owner (and all of you reading this) are still car enthusiasts all the same and we should each share somewhat of a mutal respect for each other.

I do see why some people feel so strongly against it but I’m not sure its worth worrying about that much. Far worse things have been done to cars before this and far worse things will be done after.

Do I want to see a bunch of cars like this on the streets here in Toronto?
No not really as it will just make our car laws more stringent but at the same time some Boso cars are not too outside of my realm of appreciation:

This is probably the only 'Boso' styled vehicle I could drive
This one looks pretty sinister

I think what it ultimately comes down to is different strokes for different folks. If we all modded our cars exactly the same things would be pretty boring no?

If you saw this car in your hood what would you think, and what would you do?

If you want to read more about the Boso box .

WTF Friday: Automotive Epic Fails


Here in Ontario our cars have to pass both emissions and safety checks to be registered to drive on public roads, of course there are ways around this if you know the right people and some would argue that the some of the people doing safety checks can’t tell their heads from their ass but I would hope that even the most inept of inspectors would notice something was up with these vehicles. A lot of WTF were you thinking going on here.

All of today’s DIY Disasters come from s10forums ‘‘ thread, which is one of the funniest/scariest/omgwtfbbq threads I have ever read on the internet.

I’m all for doing it yourself but please use your full ass instead of half!

The bed on this truck isn't attached but that's no excuse for the excessive bondo
I hate corvette roll pans... not shaving the tails just makes it worse
The owner just painted over the factory tails
This truck probably had this coming for awhile wonder who the blame fell on
Creative but I would not like to get in an accident with this, paper mache is weak
Oh no please no hacks here!
These welds look suspect...
Normally I would never wish to see someones car this way
But with suspension work like this this car was not road worthy
Free stickers to whoever can tell me what's going on here

Site Updates

Not a heck of a lot happened last week page wise/design wise but some stuff is coming I assure you I just keep spending a lot of the weekend at a and then all day Sunday recovering. However welcome to the blog roll!

Content wise I have two features lined up for this week, Monday’s being a particularly large feature that I am very excited about so be on the look out for that.

If you are still looking for a few more ways to kill off this Friday you can take a gander at these videos, my gift to you:

Random Dopeness: Volume 2


I’ve decided to create a new category called ‘Random Dopeness‘ for days that I don’t have much to say but a few things to post. I figure it’s also a good way to prevent myself from re posting content since I have over 200 posts and a bad memory. Here is Random Dopeness two of many.

Might have put this one up on before
Apparently this Golf has Porsche running gear any more info would be great
On the gas, never lift
Note the fitment and note what this car is doing. Not just for looks. *insert drift hate arguments in comments*
Not sure where I spotted this but it's pretty cool to see a car like this at a gas station
51 Merc murdered out amazing
Still think bags are for groceries?
Fantastic looking race setup speed 3

We can rebuild we have the technology


Today we have another local produced build but this one is pretty crazy because to most rational people this car was not worth saving. To the owner this car held a lot of sentimental value so when his car meet the wall at the question wasn’t whether or not it would make it back to the track the question was rather how mean will it be when it got there.

I’ll admit when I first read the owner was going to rebuild this car I had my doubts but the pictures and craftsmanship so far pretty much speak for themselves. This car is going to be a serious track machine when it is finished.

E30 pre wall introduction
Further proof that concrete walls do not give
After such a strong impact most people would give up on this chassis, with good reason
While the costs of the repair have been kept a secret it was apparently quite reasonable for the work done
New cage installed, this should keep the car together more should it hit another wall
New true coil-over suspesion installed
Brake set up has been significantly upgraded
Fuel cell installed in the spare tire well
Patient car waiting for someone to do the body work
Freshly painted and looking mean
Stance that I think everyone can appreciate

As always I will be keeping an eye on this build but if you want to read a little bit more about it

Winter Wednesdays: Snow Bug


It snowed Monday night after I got home pretty decent but the weatherman says that the weather is going to be above freezing for the next week or so which means I can hopefully wash my car and have it stay clean for longer than two seconds.

Today’s Winter Wednesday goes hand in hand with yesterdays theme: here is a bug that is a little under the weather.

This bug may be covered in powder
but the owner isn

Bug Drifting in the snow

I shared this one lasts night but here it is for those of you who don’t follow on .

Theme Tuesdays: VW Beetles


The concept of theme Tuesdays here on Grosirbajuanak is simple, every Tuesday I pick a theme and post a collection of vehicles with that theme that meet the stance criteria (modified suspension that suit the vehicles intent). This weeks theme Tuesday topic is: The VW Beetle

Like every other VW in existence Beetles have been slammed onto the ground for as long as I can remember, original Beetles always draw attention when they are rolling down the road but when they are scraping by its a whole different type of attention.

Had to start things off with Herbie!
Starting things of pretty simple with a nice clean paint job and slam
A little cleaner and a little lower now...
Now a little bit of patina
Now a little bit of patina
and a little more
No way to hide that setup, wonder if it's legal
No fenders and no shine
I'm not sure whats hotter the car or the photography
This car is way left of the Beetle norm but I think it works
Another unique take on things
Spotted this clean rat styled Beetle on Will
And the car of the man behind the lens
This car has a lot of the right things going on
This is how you do a bike/rack, gf even likes this one
Nice clean looking Beetle not too much camber out back
Clean paint and straight body
I'm not really a Beetle fanatic but something looks a little different about this...
Ah that's it this Beetle has an STI Motor swap! Amazing!

What Could Have Been


When my truck got broken into and written off I was left in a bit of a lurch looking for a car. I liked the wagon like properties of the Blazer but hated it being a slow gas pig, I loved Subaru Wagons but couldn’t afford one, so I started to look at Mazda Protege 5s and although I ended up with a 3 I still have a soft spot for p5s.

I spotted this white p5 in a Automotive Appreciation thread I read and I have to say this thing looks great slammed on some works.

If the front wheels were pushed out just a hair more this car would be perfect
The Hawaii scene has some of the nicest cars I swear

This p5 is actually local and I had pictures of this car saved as inspiration when I was still looking for a black p5, since then I saw this car in person at Scrape By The Lake 2009

Rotas or not these wheels looked great on this car, nice pinstriping also
I'm not as much of a fan of the new wheels but dig the on the floor stance via bags

As it would turn out these cars are actually pretty prone to rusting so maybe its good that I didn’t get one, but if I did springs would have been first on the long list of mods you can do to these cars.

Featured Photographer: Santiago Gomez


Lately photographers to feature have been few and far between, winter has a big part to do with this as motivation to shoot cars often goes out the window when the weather outside is consistently -15 degrees below zero and all the cars are covered in salt. Luckily while browsing the I stumbled across a talented photographer named Santiago Gomez.

Santiago got into photography in 2007 when he was 17 and combined his new found passion for photography with his existing passion for anything automotive. Originally starting with a Nikon D40 Santiago quickly learned that the person who holds the camera, and not the camera make great photos so he did something uncommon of a lot of budding photographers, once he had a firm grasp of the basics of camera set up such as exposure and aperture, he sold his Digital SLR and dropped back down to a point and shoot Canon G10.

Santiago shot a great deal of his favorite photos with this point and shoot and was so pleased with what he was able to accomplish with this camera that when it was time to get back into the DSLR game in 2009 he stuck with Canon and picked up a Canon Rebel T1i.

So far he has been shooting with kit equipment but he is using winter downtime to research which lenses to pick up this spring to further increase the already high quality of his work.

Having already made a lot of connections in the GTA automotive community Santiago’s future as an automotive photographer looks bright and I feel very privileged to showcase his work so far here on Grosirbajuanak.

Static Santiago Gomez Automotive Photography

Epic stance, epic dish, epic backdrop this pic has it all
This location is common among photographers and everyone captures it differently
I’ve seen this car at a few events, very photogenic
Wouldn’t change a thing
I love classy model shoots

Dynamic Santiago Gomez Automotive Photography

Pat’s car is looking a little rough in this shot
Gotta love the colored smoke effect these tires give
Shake N Bake!!
Enough said
Love this shot, caught the smoke perfectly

Santiago Gomez Photography

Another famous Toronto photo shoot location, I’m in some wedding photos on that bridge…
Just your average day in the GTA
Mans obsession with fire continues
Symmetry at its finest
This is actually the first time I have ever seen a cop at a car wash

Big thanks to Santiago for allowing me to post his work and if you want to see more of his work be sure to check out as well as .

Santiago is looking at picking up a project drift car of his own and considering the crowd he rolls with don’t be surprised to see his car on this blog once it’s finished.