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We can rebuild we have the technology


Today we have another local produced build but this one is pretty crazy because to most rational people this car was not worth saving. To the owner this car held a lot of sentimental value so when his car meet the wall at the question wasn’t whether or not it would make it back to the track the question was rather how mean will it be when it got there.

I’ll admit when I first read the owner was going to rebuild this car I had my doubts but the pictures and craftsmanship so far pretty much speak for themselves. This car is going to be a serious track machine when it is finished.

E30 pre wall introduction
Further proof that concrete walls do not give
After such a strong impact most people would give up on this chassis, with good reason
While the costs of the repair have been kept a secret it was apparently quite reasonable for the work done
New cage installed, this should keep the car together more should it hit another wall
New true coil-over suspesion installed
Brake set up has been significantly upgraded
Fuel cell installed in the spare tire well
Patient car waiting for someone to do the body work
Freshly painted and looking mean
Stance that I think everyone can appreciate

As always I will be keeping an eye on this build but if you want to read a little bit more about it

Winter Wednesdays: Snow Bug


It snowed Monday night after I got home pretty decent but the weatherman says that the weather is going to be above freezing for the next week or so which means I can hopefully wash my car and have it stay clean for longer than two seconds.

Today’s Winter Wednesday goes hand in hand with yesterdays theme: here is a bug that is a little under the weather.

This bug may be covered in powder
but the owner isn

Bug Drifting in the snow

I shared this one lasts night but here it is for those of you who don’t follow on .

Theme Tuesdays: VW Beetles


The concept of theme Tuesdays here on Grosirbajuanak is simple, every Tuesday I pick a theme and post a collection of vehicles with that theme that meet the stance criteria (modified suspension that suit the vehicles intent). This weeks theme Tuesday topic is: The VW Beetle

Like every other VW in existence Beetles have been slammed onto the ground for as long as I can remember, original Beetles always draw attention when they are rolling down the road but when they are scraping by its a whole different type of attention.

Had to start things off with Herbie!
Starting things of pretty simple with a nice clean paint job and slam
A little cleaner and a little lower now...
Now a little bit of patina
Now a little bit of patina
and a little more
No way to hide that setup, wonder if it's legal
No fenders and no shine
I'm not sure whats hotter the car or the photography
This car is way left of the Beetle norm but I think it works
Another unique take on things
Spotted this clean rat styled Beetle on Will
And the car of the man behind the lens
This car has a lot of the right things going on
This is how you do a bike/rack, gf even likes this one
Nice clean looking Beetle not too much camber out back
Clean paint and straight body
I'm not really a Beetle fanatic but something looks a little different about this...
Ah that's it this Beetle has an STI Motor swap! Amazing!

What Could Have Been


When my truck got broken into and written off I was left in a bit of a lurch looking for a car. I liked the wagon like properties of the Blazer but hated it being a slow gas pig, I loved Subaru Wagons but couldn’t afford one, so I started to look at Mazda Protege 5s and although I ended up with a 3 I still have a soft spot for p5s.

I spotted this white p5 in a Automotive Appreciation thread I read and I have to say this thing looks great slammed on some works.

If the front wheels were pushed out just a hair more this car would be perfect
The Hawaii scene has some of the nicest cars I swear

This p5 is actually local and I had pictures of this car saved as inspiration when I was still looking for a black p5, since then I saw this car in person at Scrape By The Lake 2009

Rotas or not these wheels looked great on this car, nice pinstriping also
I'm not as much of a fan of the new wheels but dig the on the floor stance via bags

As it would turn out these cars are actually pretty prone to rusting so maybe its good that I didn’t get one, but if I did springs would have been first on the long list of mods you can do to these cars.

Featured Photographer: Santiago Gomez


Lately photographers to feature have been few and far between, winter has a big part to do with this as motivation to shoot cars often goes out the window when the weather outside is consistently -15 degrees below zero and all the cars are covered in salt. Luckily while browsing the I stumbled across a talented photographer named Santiago Gomez.

Santiago got into photography in 2007 when he was 17 and combined his new found passion for photography with his existing passion for anything automotive. Originally starting with a Nikon D40 Santiago quickly learned that the person who holds the camera, and not the camera make great photos so he did something uncommon of a lot of budding photographers, once he had a firm grasp of the basics of camera set up such as exposure and aperture, he sold his Digital SLR and dropped back down to a point and shoot Canon G10.

Santiago shot a great deal of his favorite photos with this point and shoot and was so pleased with what he was able to accomplish with this camera that when it was time to get back into the DSLR game in 2009 he stuck with Canon and picked up a Canon Rebel T1i.

So far he has been shooting with kit equipment but he is using winter downtime to research which lenses to pick up this spring to further increase the already high quality of his work.

Having already made a lot of connections in the GTA automotive community Santiago’s future as an automotive photographer looks bright and I feel very privileged to showcase his work so far here on Grosirbajuanak.

Static Santiago Gomez Automotive Photography

Epic stance, epic dish, epic backdrop this pic has it all
This location is common among photographers and everyone captures it differently
I’ve seen this car at a few events, very photogenic
Wouldn’t change a thing
I love classy model shoots

Dynamic Santiago Gomez Automotive Photography

Pat’s car is looking a little rough in this shot
Gotta love the colored smoke effect these tires give
Shake N Bake!!
Enough said
Love this shot, caught the smoke perfectly

Santiago Gomez Photography

Another famous Toronto photo shoot location, I’m in some wedding photos on that bridge…
Just your average day in the GTA
Mans obsession with fire continues
Symmetry at its finest
This is actually the first time I have ever seen a cop at a car wash

Big thanks to Santiago for allowing me to post his work and if you want to see more of his work be sure to check out as well as .

Santiago is looking at picking up a project drift car of his own and considering the crowd he rolls with don’t be surprised to see his car on this blog once it’s finished.

WTF Friday: Cars on truck frames


Awhile back I saw some wild lifted cars on the (which was linked to on the ) and they amused me so I saved the pictures. I know lifted cars are nothing new but sometimes you have to wonder if they are worth the effort involved. Either way over the past few months I came across these pretty often so I figure WTF Friday was a way better way than Theme Tuesday to share them.

Before lift pretty mundane
Chick Magnet!
Crazy thing is at least 3 of these exsit.
Lol at the window being the oh shit handle
This is my least fav Camaro gen anyway
This is my least fav Camaro gen anyway
This photo is titled Carbage, kind of fitting
Just the good ol boys, never meanin no harm
1.21 gigawatts?!
This one actually looks kinda fun like it could do wheelies
Wow I think I've seen it all
No now I have seen it all...

Site Updates

I sent out quite a few back logged stickers this from the Christmas giveaway and I still have one or two more sets that I will ship out on Monday. I plan on (finally) setting up a sticker page this weekend to make ordering a lot easier and it will also serve as a place for me to post up new designs as well.

I’ve also made a few small changes to the design and layout of the site over the past few weeks minor things like moving blog rolls around and making the footer not quite as deep, these changes will continue over the next little bit with a big one happening soonish so stay tuned for that. Won’t be a drastic functionality change or anything just cool looking.

Have a safe weekend and if you don’t already .

Blast from the past: The Collective work on AndreNY


consider the Stance/Fitment/Flush up-rise a terrible trash bin worthy fad that is one it’s way out, acknowledge it as valid facet of the automotive community which is helping the scene move towards a cleaner less is more approach to modification. The dedicated know that it’s all nothing new and and have been doing it for years.

AndreNY had already been going steadily against the grain for awhile when I caught up with his antics around 2005 or so. At this point he had already developed a deep fondness for what was going on in the and decided it was time to bring it the New York with his 325e.

Quite frankly he didn’t make many friends doing it, people called his wheel fitment Mexican, the fact that he chose one of the slowest e30s as rice, his car a bondo bucket and his ride height as impractical. No matter what the haters had to say though his e30 got noticed globally and was even featured in Performance BMW Magazine and is still to this day consistently posted in ‘e30 appreciation threads in forums everywhere’.

Andre sold his e30 and I know it ended up in the hands of a member for awhile but I have no idea where it is today. What I do know is that after his e30 he had a number of memorable German rides and I have complied as many as I could find into today’s post (I know an e36 is missing).

Hope you enjoy the work of someone who’s had their finger to pulse of the North American stance scene when it was barley beating.

Andre’s Benz’s

Keeping it German and keeping it classy Andre’s tri stars have always been eye catchers.

This Benz looks mafia ready
Clean and classy
Andres 500e on LMs
Gotta love the LMs on a classic lux car like this
He also had this car on some deep dish wheels, I think these are OZs

Andre’s Audis

Andre’s love for German vehicles is not brand based so he looks to keep it fresh and switch it up, here are some Audi’s AndreNY style.

This is probably the tamest looking of all of Andre's cars
This Audi is sittin on Benz Monoblocks and looks amazing

Andres 5 series

Andre’s 5 series still actually lives on today with a but here is what it looked like when Andre had it.

I have always been a very big M Parallel fan my second favorite OEM BMW wheel
Andre was rocking the boser style hood early

AndreNy’s e30

This is the car that made Andre internet (in)famous, say what you want about the man, the bodywork, and the motor, this car it’s still iconic among the e30 community to this day.

Rocking flushed out Type A's early
On most cars I would want the Mtech II sides as well but this works without
This was a performance BMW feature car in its day
Night time shot of the type A's
Later in the life of his e30 Andre switched it up with some S-lines
Andre rollin, not the I lip on the bottom of the mtech II piece to make it lower
The definition of down and out

Hopefully everything is still good with AndreNY today and he posts some photos of his latest euro car because if there is one constant among all his cars it’s that his stance will be dead on point.

Clean Dinah Bitch


I got the words “CLEAN Dinah Bitch” sent to me by via (which was a retweet of the same thing by ) with a link to the car in this post. I still have no clue what Dinah means but after some light digging I found out that this car is actually a tidy little Toyota Starlet.

A quick trip over to revealed a nice little feature on this car which is a nice little read which describes just how much work went into making this clean hatch into the car it is today.

I've never seen a Starlet in person but if they can look this nice I am welcome to seeing more
4A-GE and ITB's I bet it sounds pretty mean
Clean ass to boot!

This car looks like a blast to drive but can anyone further enlighten me to what ‘Clean Dinah Bitch‘ means though? I am a little lost on that still.

Winter Wednesdays: Buried


We got enough snow in the GTA yesterday to make my after work commute to the gym fairly lengthy so a Winter Wednesday post is justified this week. It’s also been and when it’s cold there are few things more aggravating than brushing snow off your car. What really gets me is the snow that flies in once you open your door, I need to keep a snow brush in my side skirt or something…

For today’s Winter Wednesday here are two cars that got caught without shelter in heavy dumpings of snow. Thank god I have always had a garage or underground parking.

There is a blue Mazda3 under there some place...
Bonus find @lower_it has a dope car and plate

So far my Hankook winter ipikes have got me through all of what winter has dished out, take that s.u.v. owners!

Theme Tuesdays: DC chassis Integras


The concept of theme Tuesdays here on Grosirbajuanak is simple, every Tuesday I pick a theme and post a collection of vehicles with that theme that meet the stance criteria (modified suspension that suit the vehicles intent). This weeks theme Tuesday topic is: DC chassis Integras

I had two friends who owned red DC Integra’s and both of them rotted to pieces before the owners had a chance to finish them.  That’s the downside to our climate I am afraid.

The clean Acura/Honda movement is one I love to follow.

Local ride, the owner seems to have made some enemies, but nice car none the less
I always preferred the DC Type R's in white over yellow
Type R DC's really don't need much more than a drop to turn heads
Why do these cars look so good in white?
JDM swapped DC, love the subtle color matching going on
This car is clean enough to eat off of and means business
This four door is sitting on some nice dish
Keeping a white bay this clean is a serious amount of work
Clever plate
I've never seen this color on an Integra before, nice touch with the mud flaps
Four door love
Another four door with a JDM front clip
Nice pair
Phaze 2 stays ahead of the game
This bay has a crazy amount of attention to detail
Fitment win

Got an idea for a Theme Tuesday? I am open to suggestions let me know in the comments.