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Theme Tuesdays: Honda Accords – III


The past month or so has been running a Facebook advertising campaign that has thrust their rear wheel drive, drag prepped, seventh generation Accord into my timeline roughly eight hundred and twelve times  week.

I’ve finally caved and decided to post that car here along with a whole pile of other awesome Honda Accords from previous event coverage and the internet.

It’s been a few years since the last Accord Theme Tuesday so things were overdue anyway.

I really, really wish I took more photos of this car when i saw it in 2012, I don’t believe I have seen it since
Same generation done a completely different style, from the first Northern Showdown
I am pretty sure, but not positive, that this Accord has gone to the scrap yard in the sky, you never know with KJohn though
So rare to see these in Canada with rear quarters still hanging in there
Tidy looking sixth gene shot by at Canibeat’s first class fitment
Honda guys will geek over this CD6 SIR
I do believe this is the only one of its kind (RHD authentic SIR) in Canada

Personally I prefer these wheels to the ones above
Love this, simple and tastefull
An Accord trying to blend in at Liberty VIP’s Black 3
Gran Tourismo comes to Importfest every year with some of the more extreme cars of the show
This Accord was, to their standards, fairly tame
I just now noticed this car is on a ramp in the rear, weird
There is indeed an Accord in this picture from the pop up Vossen meet in Toronto in 2015
Eighth generation tucking a ton of wheel in the questionable Cayuga parking lot
is working on the owner of this car’s new car which isn’t an accord but should be in a similar vein to this
built this car for the 2016 , wonder what they will be bringing out at this years show
, and put this car together for the 2016 Canadian International Autoshow as well
Mobbin hard on VS-XXs
Sweet wagon from a feature, absolutely love the color choice
Had to post at least one car from Japan, but it didn’t have to be typical 🙂
Nice looking car from a fairly old
And to close things out the aforementioned, big turbo, b series, rear wheel drive Accord built by
Hopefully see this car at Motorama in a few months



There’s lots of talk about the demise of web forums, and though I am still a big fan of them for the information they provide and archive, I don’t find myself actively participating on nearly as many as I used to.

My daily routine used to involve a few in rotation, a couple of car and a couple BMX, and usually there was some cross over between the two as each hobby lends itself to the other.

Last night I decided to log in to and click around, as BG used to be a pretty good source of content in the “Automotive Hotness” threads. Those threads seem to have ceased to exist but in their place is a thread which is where the Skyline and Silvia below were found.

Rear wheel drive Nissans seem pretty popular among the BMX crowd with a number of riders both pro and otherwise using them to compete in events (again both pro and otherwise).

I don’t think slides Silvia his around but certainly does.

No real specs on either because that’s not really what the thread is about, but, both worth a share don’t you think?

Photo Credit: ,

WTF Friday: Dream Ride


I don’t think there’s ever been a vehicle submitted more for WTF Friday than the “Logan Dream Ryder”. I’ve seen plenty of custom third generation Camaros in my years on this earth but this one really takes the cake.

Dubbed in its  as functional art I actually don’t know where to start describing this once 84 Camaro but here we go.

Built by Bill Logan, the Dream Ryder is an ’84 convertible that has had its exterior completely transformed with fiberglass from front to back and top to bottom.

The entire thing took 13 years to build, but he mentions in the video below that he drove it throughout the process to make sure that it was functional while the panels were being built.

He chose a convertible as his base because he wanted a custom roof, and since convertible models were designed for use with the top down, he was free to do whatever he wanted up top without risking the structural integrity of the car.

Bill seems to be a bit a lot of a free-thinker stating that life to him is a dream, within a dream, within a dream and the only reality is us, with the Dream Ryder being symbolic of life in this physical dimension.

I don’t know what any of that means, but he says that he got a lot of the inspiration for the design from animals. As such the front end is supposed to be an animal face with fangs and a tongue hanging out.

The rear he says is reminiscent of a cat ready to pounce, and there are also birds like the above worked into the front and rear windshield frames.

The animal influence continues inside where the seats and dash are covered in various faux furs.

I will say the body work looks pretty well done considering, and it seems fairly symmetrical which is no small feat for someone to do when designing their own widebody panels. Especially ones as bulbous as these.

Bill says that he actually has the molds for the entire car if someone wanted to make another one or mass produce them, I however feel pretty confident that there is not a large market for Dream Ryders. But people did replicate the kit from so you never know.

Bill explains the car like only he can below:

Theme Tuesdays: The Work Of Filip Malbaša


Late 2016 Filip Malbaša sent me an that inside included a few of the digital renders he does under the name and asked what I thought of his work.

After opening a few of the attachments I quickly realized that I was already a fan of his work, having previously seen his Ford truck render based on  photo.

The twin turbo, Hoosier tire equipped, shark mouth livery wearing final product has been floating around both Facebook and Instagram the past few years as a beautiful ‘what if’ take on the classic F-100.

Further examining his work I noticed that Filip is a big fan of blending several different modification styles into one source rather than playing it safe. After all this is the digital domain so why not get a little wild?

Take his Tesla S render for example the diffuser is from a Mclaren P1 and the wheels come from an RWB Porsche. The wide body is of Filip’s own creation and in his mind the car is now powered by a supercharged LS1.

Speaking of RWB style Porsche influences this 911 that Filip did for an competition takes the bumper half-cut that is somewhat commonly used on rear bumpers, and applies it to the front to give both the oil cooler and intercooler a direct path to cool air.

I’m sure there would be more than a few Porsche purists up in arms if this car ever existed in the real word.

The first generation Viper GTS, the predecessor to this model, is actually one of my favorite vehicles and Filip’s version features flares, monster side pipes and what look to be Enkei RSO5RR wheels.

At first glance this car screams ZN6 (FRS/BRZ) but it’s actually a Supra with swapped headlights. The quad turbo 2JZ looks to be taken from and would make this car a screamer if it were real.

Filip says he left the body unpainted and wheels mis-matched to indicate that it’s a drift car rather than a hard parker.

This Mercedes C63 amg render is one of Filip’s favorites and employs a lot of the same things the cars above do, namely the diffuser and turbo fans, but sneaking in there is also a subtle fender vent that almost goes unnoticed at first glance.

He’s also made the car a 3 door (or 2 door hatch if you’d rather) which, for the non MB fans reading, doesn’t exist in the real world.

Volvo 142s are a car I don’t see enough of, period and this re-imagination of a with Hemi power, makes me really wish I could fix that.

This is an earlier swing at Scandinavian bricks. It’s interesting how well LED tails would work on a car that came out literally decades before the first LED tail was ever used on a production car.

The quarter panel vents make me wonder what Filip had in mind for power, rear engine perhaps?

If you were curious if Filip is capable of working without a computer the answer would be yes, and if you’re wondering if he can tackle more traditional styling the answer is yes again, as is evident by this hand drawn piece from 2014.

He’s also completely capable of putting cars aside and letting his mind wander.

Ending this week’s showcase of Filip’s work is his take on the Honda City Turbo. 15″ Turbofans, SSRs in the rear and Toyo R888s would put this car right in step with what people are doing today, and inside he’s put an OMP seat and Takata harness. Power Filip would like to see come from an F20 drive line which would make this a rear wheel drive hot hatch.

Hope you enjoyed this different Theme Tuesday and I encourage you to check out Filip on as well as and .

He’s been kind enough to offer whipping up an Grosirbajuanak specific render so we should see that in a few weeks!

Lost Coverage: The 2016 Autofest Nationals


In my 2016 wrap up I mentioned that moving East of Toronto put a number of new events in my reach and the Autofest Nationals is on the larger scale of those events.

A twenty-three year old classic car event held at Lakeview park in Oshawa the Autofest Nationals is open to all makes manufactured before 1986.

I’ve peppered a few of these photos throughout and , and even padded a few editorials with them, but for the most part the lion’s share has been trapped inside a draft post.

With January being one of the hardest months content wise I’ve decided to put a few words around these images and unearth the coverage so to speak

For my first Autofest Nationals I went with Ash in tow and to be honest as soon as he saw the neighboring park my minutes were numbered, but we did circle the grounds for about two hours taking in the variety of different vehicles.

If memory serves the weather was calling for rain that day as well, but as it became clear it wasn’t going to rain more and more vehicles started to arrive.

The variety at the Autofest Nationals was pretty good and should you be a classic car fan I don’t think you’d be disappointed going to the show either Saturday or Sunday.

Ford, Chevy, Lifted, Lowered, stock numbers matching, or heavily modified there was a bit of something for everyone.

What I always find interesting to do at a show this large is try and place the year that some of the builds were finished.

Paint colors, wheel choices, and windshield banners can be incredibly telling when it comes to dating a car and it’s always fun to see vehicles that remind me of sitting down in front of the couch watching The Nashville Network.

I loved this High Sierra for example, sure we could split hairs about whether this is dated or era correct but it was clean as a whistle either way, no doubt from years of careful storage and upkeep.

Another car that I’m sure is kept under a cover quite religiously is this Mercury Cougar. I’m actually struggling to think if I’ve ever posted another Cougar to the site and if I have I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a sixth generation.

Furthermore I can guarantee it wasn’t a supercharged 302 sixth gen! How crazy is that?

The twin Turbo Dart got some love in the Mobile Photo Dump Theme Tuesday as I’ve seen it at Shake Rabble and Roll Cruise Ins a couple times.

This car just look sinister at every angle including the side view which, if looking at it, doesn’t convince you stance is everything I don’t know what will.

The Lead Kings Canada has a few cars at the show as well, one day I’ll have to feature at least one of the builds out of this Canadian club because they are all awesome.

Classic car owners are never afraid to show their personality in their builds, other people’s opinions be dammed, and this tall can gauge pod is pretty neat. I imagine more than a few of those cans were drunk during the build.

Matching trailers are not exclusive to the classic community but I do see more of them here than anywhere else.

While I was at the show Blair made the mistake of saying he missed his previously featured ’57 3100 so I made darn sure to take a few photos of this truck to rub it in a little.

This truck sported great patina and laid out quite well. I’d imagine that industrial looking bumper would throw some pretty good sparks should the owner be so inclined.

The shifter was also pretty unique. I don’t know enough about guns to say if this was real or not but it did look rather convincing.

The Task Force was also out at this show. If you remember from the ELTA Summer Bash Coverage in 2015 this is a static big block powered truck.

Again, the stance of this truck is incredibly impressive but I imagine it boogies darn well to boot.

Since I am always looking for some inspiration for Project ‘Why Wait?’ I spent a lot of time looking over this truck and must admit it played a bit of a part in the design of my rear bed mounts.

While I don’t plan on cutting my door for speakers I did like the door panels in this truck, and the use of the original gauges. I plan to run an aftermarket wheel though this truck does make a strong point for keeping the original one.

The truck also tried to make a pretty convincing argument to keep the six, but at this point I’d already made up my mind that it was going to hit the road.

I’m sure you all noticed this truck lurking in the background of the Webber chassis truck. It was built by and is another truck I’ve spent a lot of time looking at.

It’s also a regular at the Shake Rabble and Roll weekly meet I go to and I’ve drooled over it so much that Ash actually points it out when he see’s it now exclaiming “Red truck” with enthusiasm.

The truck is clean enough to show extremely well but if you look carefully there’s enough character in it to facilitate driving it around near daily in the summer without worry.

Coming straight out of a weekend if -20 degree weather posting these now is a bit of torture, but I hope you guys enjoyed it.

WTF Friday: Off Track


The cold makes people do weird things, especially the cold out here in Ontario that is several degrees below 0 for week-long stretches.

Some people will do damn near anything to avoid having to spend time in the cold, and if spending time in the cold is necessary do whatever they can to make it as fun as possible.

This is how, I imagine, things like skis, snowboards, and snowmobiles came to be and I’m pretty sure it’s how this once Suzuki Samurai started down the path to becoming the subject of today’s WTF Friday.

Posted in a local Facebook for sale group the photo above reveals a hilarious looking snow worthy vehicle (though I have my questions about how well those front wheels will fare).

Sadly the vehicle no longer looks like it does above with the tracks having taken a vacation some years ago.

The motor, which now resides in the rear, and uses a center mounted sprocket to connect to the drive axle, apparently does run quite well aside from a small fuel leak.

It’s a bit of a basket case inside but really looks like a good bit of cleaning and some rocker guard on the floor and it would be great for ripping around some private property.

Currently sitting on four wheels front and rear it looks more than a little goofy, but I could see a lot of fun in this thing if someone where to take the time and restore it to its former glory.

It’s only  so if you’ve got some extra coin kicking around, and the cold has you thinking less than clear, it might be a great impulse buy. If you do be sure to send updates.

The Printed Form: Car Stuff


Producing content today is perhaps the most streamlined it has ever been, in a matter of minutes anyone can spin up a social channel and begin publishing.

Enabling everyone to essentially be their own publisher has affected the popularity of the printed form fairly significantly, however that is not entirely a bad thing because today when someone makes the effort to release a physical it’s usually content worthy of print.

Growing up few years before high-speed internet, magazines and books have always been something I’ve had kicking around, and recently they have served as inspiration for my long reaching goal to print something.

However sitting down to actually work on a book is a daunting task and that is why I truly respect the efforts of Devaughn Dunbar, aka young Devo, aka, with his first book titled Car Stuff.

Devo is representative of much of today’s content creators in that he’s someone without a pile of industry connections, formal training, advertising dollars and years of experience.

What he does have however is drive, a lot of passion for his craft, a car, and a great group of friends willing to bring him and his camera to their adventures.

Car Stuff is a compilation of photos from the 2016 season chronicling events as close as Topp Drift in Shannoville Ontario and Grid Life in South Haven Michigan.

While much of the book is cars –both in action and not– it isn’t entirely just car photography with some build and lifestyle photos thrown into the mix as well.

The book is also shot exclusively on 35mm film which not only gives it a unique feel but makes it more impressive to me personally as someone who has never, and probably can’t, shoot film.

Interspersed within the photography are a few editorials written in the laid back, conversational style Devo first revealed in his piece ‘‘, that has spread across the internet twice over thanks to a share from .

These short editorials give you an insight into what makes Devo tick (and what makes his cars not) and help further round out the book as a whole.

The last word style piece was actually yesterday for those of you who might want to give it a read.

A humble read all the way through, Car Stuff is a great addition to my coffee table and a constant reminder that I need to get off my duff and plug away at a book.

Unfortunately I was a little late getting this post out the door and all the copies are currently sold out but maybe with enough visits to a second printing will emerge. Or you could try to pry , whichever works.

The Printed Form is a new category to the site but one I don’t plan to let linger so if there are books you think I should take a look at do let me know in the comments below.

Theme Tuesdays: Classic Mercedes


I had a few different ideas in mind for the first Theme Tuesday of 2017 but after starting and stopping a few odd ball themes I switched gears and went simple, focusing my efforts on older vehicles with the MB tristar that are good and low to the ground.

I’ll be honest with you, cars of the Mercedes Benz marquee typically don’t do a whole lot for me as they usually blend right into the silver sea of cars I’ll likely never be able to afford.

The old ones though, those catch my eye especially the closer they get to the ground, or as of the last few years the more sideways they get.

This photo goes back to 2010 or maybe even 09, never got to see this once local car roll around on wires but I wish I did
The car later wore more oem wheels…
…then later still mesh wheels
I feel like I wouldn’t be far off in saying the car above influence the creation of this car
s Rick Di Corpo had this awesome 1973 28 for about a season
Manolo has always had a way with European cars, classy wheels and air ride, As seen on this 450SE
He later switched up the wheels, and it looked even better
It’s mind blowing that this hold over from the Cocaine laced 1980s still exists here in Toronto – via


‘s w114 was a short-lived project that debuted at Fitted in 2014, stole a lot of heads then promptly vanished

John Ludwick changes cars quite a bit so I don’t know if he still has this w114 but it was a pretty wicked car at H2O in 2013
The overall aesthetic of this car was pretty refined to go with and that camera was actually the air controller
Something extremely satisfying about a vehicle that was once the height of luxury throwing sparks down the road on a bright summer day
Pillarless windows on big cars always provoke a second glance –
went to Australia to capture this Benz and the one below
The full feature on both of these Severed Ties
I don’t know a lot about the heritage around AMG cars but this ’71 300 SEL Rote Sau car is too good not to post
Sic Ryde did a really, really good job with this 500e which is probably the “newest” benz I’d own
This post wouldn’t be complete without a 190, but I must admit that I’m more than likely going to spin 190s off into their own post so I’ll just post this one for now
Though it’s a few years old now its still one of my favorites, if you’re looking for more
Switching gears entirely, this Black Smoke Racing Wagon 300td is one of my favorite drift cars ever, it had a huge holset, a super, and nitrous at one point – via

has since moved on to a new chassis, but this one is the perfect way to end this post and of course I’ll add a video of it:

2016 Through The Rearview


2016 was an interesting year for myself, my family and Grosirbajuanak. After moving late 2015 I started the 2016 quite literally on the opposite side of Toronto.

A Mississauga boy my entire life the relocation to Durham brought with it a lot of change and as far as the site is concerned it mean that what was previously a 45 minute drive away was not a hop skip and a jump and vice versa.

Change is of course a natural thing that occurs throughout ones life so I eagerly embraced it as I explored what the Durham region has to offer in terms of car culture.

I wasn’t disappointed either, I started the year with the Moneygang BBQ in Pickering which carried with it some familiarity as I knew a lot of the people who showed up.

The event was however  my first introduction to a few of the turbo fed monsters that can be traced back to Oshawa’s GT Custom Exhaust.

Once spring really rolled around I quickly introduced myself to the local cruise-in community and discovered a variety of weekly get-togethers that were held just down the road from my front door weekly. These cruise ins soon became a weekly trip for my son and I and Ash really took a liking to them, as did I.


From there one flier lead to another and I found myself stopping by a number of other classic events in the area marking 2016 as a year where Classic and hot rod coverage really rivaled import, euro, and track coverage.

Grosirbajuanak has always been an all-encompassing site but this year I definitely spent more time hanging around pre-1985 American metal. Blaming my locale would be the easy way out but I must admit it’s not the only reason I spent a lot of time around American classics in 2016.

This year I started to hit my stride with freelance work in the classic and hot rod genre so it literally paid to keep my head in the classic game.

Freelance writing for other publications has become something I enjoy –writing for an audience that you didn’t have a hand in creating is a great challenge– and only makes my contributions here all the better.

Furthermore the extra cash flow really helps keep things humming along for .

Spending my time around a different crowd of people has been quite refreshing, and since new events and new vehicles, along with new people and their stories, has always been a staple of this site I plan to continue delving deeper into the east end community in 2017.

Unfortunately like everything else there’s a give and take, and some of that give was missing out on the events held by my West end friends. I tried my best to make it out that way a few times a month and I succeeded with events like Fitted and Northern Showdown but there were a few I just couldn’t make it to.

Importfest was one (though that had nothing to do with physical location and everything to do with a wedding) and every Canadian Sport Compact Series event was another.

I’ve been a supported of that series since 2010 but the distance, combined with fatherhood has certainly put a damper on my ability to attend.

Thankfully Drake Nolte has been able to pick up quite a bit of the slack in that regard and be a tremendous help to the site as a whole.

Always down to shoot pretty well anything on wheels he and I work very well together, and since we often shoot from different angles it gives the event coverage we do together a depth I could never reach solo.

Aside from events Drake and myself also came together on what is now, officially, the most popular feature ever to hit this site, the Cyrious Garageworks built World War Z Camaro.

Miro and Pat really made this shoot enjoyable and the two of us did our best to do World War Z justice.

In addition to Drake 2016 also had the continued support of and Gray Schilling. Both of these too have an extremely clean photography style and acute eye for detail.

For the first time original build coverage became a part of the site’s content kicked off by the Motorama Or Bust series that followed the Taylor’d Customs build ‘Taylor’d Dodge’.

I’ve followed many a build in my day so it really felt natural to bring you coverage of one from start to near finish.

The focus on builds isn’t something that’s going to change for 2017. The Dodge isn’t quite done which means there’s more to come on that car, and there are already some updates waiting in the wings to be posted along with a stack of parts in my garage.

If you’re a fan of my editorial work I’m happy to say I will also be doing more of that in 2017 since I only manged to hit exactly half of my initial goal of six a year.

On the bright side of things all three of those posts were well received my opinions on the current state of automotive media really resonating with industry peers in a way I never imaged it would.

Each year I find myself parked in front of the computer writing for this blog I’m humbled by the support and encouragement from others to continue to go on.

I hope that all of you reading this are on board for another 365 and I promise to keep plugging away at this site one shutter click and keystroke at a time.


WTF Friday: Pleasantly Surprised


Trolling around on ebay searching for the terms ‘one of a kind’ and ‘rat rod’ can yield all sorts of results, but yesterday things seemed pretty tame, dare I say even pretty good.

This ’48 Jeep project that turned up actually shows decent potential and the art above the shop door suggests it might not the builders first kick at the can.

Pictures are sparse –the ad only has two– but in the photo above you can see that the body has been channeled over a frame that has a four link out back (on air) and up front there’s a straight axle/leaf spring configuration.

Naturally this has been all set up to put this jeep appropriately in the weeds.

‘Chevy running gear’ is all that’s listed so one can assume its a small block between the rails, and the wheels look similar to Cragar soft 8s painted black. The missile headers are a nice touch, they add some character without putting an over the top car further over the top.

Jeep hot rods are nothing new but this one looks like it could turn a lot of heads, and frustrate a lot of Jeep purists if someone buys it an finishes it. At the very least there will be a lot of Jeep owners saying ‘WTF’.

Interested? . Still some time left to make a snap 2016 decision!