Way Back Playback: Car Craft August 1986

Back in 2014 the guys at Performance Improvements changed my life when they introduced me...

Theme Tuesdays: Ford Taurus

I'm going to be completely honest, I never thought I'd sit down and put together...

Winter Wednesdays: Surviving

Well, we're here again, in the dregs of winter. The thermometer here in the Greater...


Project Why Wait: Unboxing Ididit Steering’s Retrofit Steering Column

Project Why Wait started with a basic idea and plenty of 'I'll fill in that...

Project Why Wait: I Was Warned

Forging on with Project Why Wait in this update farmer patches are removed in order to tackle the rust that lies within.

Project Why Wait: Installing Airlift 3H Management

Chassis work continues on Project Why Wait with the installation of Air Lift Performance ride height sensors.


Not Dead Yet: 2018 In Review

Here we are at the end of another year, and I'm sat in front of...

The Beauty In The Struggle Of Building Cars

Though it is often depicted as such building a car isn't easy. But the beauty in that struggle comes with knowing more at the end than you did when you began.


Here we are, just shy of 365 days from where we began, at the end...