Vossen World Tour: Toronto


In late July the passed through Toronto stopping at Ertefa, , Niagara Falls, and taking pictures and video as they travelled.

I’ve been a fan of Vossen’s video work ever since so I popped in on their shoot to peak at the method behind the madness.

Not wanting to spoil any shots or distract anyone I didn’t take too many photos and really just watched it all unfold.

The guys at Vossen are all really chill so it nice to just hang out with no real agenda especially after all the build up to the day before.

Just a few of the cars in Toronto rolling on Vossen wheels
Setting up the time lapse for what would be the intro


Instagram video in the making…
was actually pretty good on that thing
himself reviewing the final product.
Like I said, I spent a lot of time just watching...
Like I said, I spent a lot of time just watching…
I believe the main point of discussion at this point was dinner
rocking some of the latest in the Vossen merch line
Basit’s 6 right before he moved it over into the lineup above

Below are the two videos they have released so far from their Toronto trip, the second being from the shoot above, more to come I’m sure.

Hopefully they return next year because it’s awesome to see the city and scene get this type of exposure.


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